Friday, July 10, 2015

"Off The Shelves: July 2015": THE WEEKEND MIX

Back in olden days, I sold CDs. CDs were a very popular item in the late 80s and also, for most of the 90s. They were compact discs that held music with crisp digital sound and plenty of fun but meaningless bonus tracks. Some CDs were almost 80 minutes long, which is almost three times the length of one Beatles album and about one quarter of the length of most Judd Apatow movies.

I had many CDs, and many of those CDs only had one or two good songs. I would take the CDs "off the shelves" and burn those good songs onto something called a blank CD. When technology changed, I would import those songs into a folder in my iTunes library.  I would then bring the mediocre CDs to my store, in hopes of making a few dollars. This was a good, successful practice for about ten years. Now, I don't need to do this anymore, as CDs already come pre-mediocre with the one or two good songs already burned onto them. Plus, I don't have a store anymore because people stopped buying CDs when they figured out they could steal all the music they wanted right off of the internet.

Okay, enough of this shit.

As inspiration continues to elude me, I decided to go into my random tracks folder, which is indeed called "Off The Shelves," for this weekend's mix.

It's a good play. You got, among other things,  the opening track from the Tommy Bolin-led James Gang, a swinging cover of a very popular Jethro Tull track, the brilliant and hilarious Slim Gaillard, one of three Moody Blues tunes I like, Ellen Foley and The Clash, Bette Midler with a little help from Todd Rundgren, Foster Sylvers (which I believe was the last 45 I bought from a vending machine) and a showstopper from Francis Albert to close things out. To hell with rhyme and reason.

Enjoy the mix.

It sounds good altogether.


Standing In The Rain- The James Gang
Bad Girl- Barrence Whitfield & the Savages
Living In The Past- Billie Davis
Torchlight- Ellen Foley
Hold On Baby- Sam Hawkins
It's Up To You- The Moody Blues
Heart Of The Sunrise- California Guitar Trio
How High The Moon- Slim Gaillard
Blue Collar Jane- The Strypes
Let Me Just Follow Behind- Bette Midler
Misdemeanor- Foster Sylvers
Night Time Girl- Modern Folk Quartet
Silly Thing- Sex Pistols
Denial-Simon Townshend
Maybe This Time- Frank Sinatra



Anonymous said...

what are the other two Moody Blues songs? always been partial to "share our love," kind of a power pop throwback to the pre-mellotron days.

A walk in the woods said...

And a Yes cover to boot! Thanks for this, Sal, will look forward to hearing. I still make some mix CD's, thought not as many. And I do still play my mix tapes almost every day - those things are forever!

William Repsher said...

As I recall, the amount of "hype" around Ellen Foley when she started dating Mick Jones of The Clash and then working with him is probably comparable to the same sort of Alabama Shakes hype you see now! Just googled it, Spirit of St. Louis, 1981. Around the time of that whole Ian Hunter/Mick Jones axis that resulted in Short Back N Sides for Ian. I wonder if Ian was the connection between Jones and Foley meeting as he had worked with her on her first album two years earlier and used her for backing vocals (via his overlap with the Meat Loaf crowd).

I think I pulled 3-4 songs from that album for the iPod, they had that sort of "Sandinista" vibe about them.

Puts me in a Garland Jeffreys/Genya Ravan/New York rock scene at the turn of the 80's mood!

buzzbabyjesus said...

I tried to keep you in business by buying as many cd's as I could. I still have all of them, although I don't often play them anymore.
I think William is right about the Ellen Foley, Mick Jones, Ian Hunter connection.
The Clash spent a fair amount of time in NYC recording "Sandinista!". Their paths crossed.
I saw Ellen singing backup for Ian and Mick Ronson at the Santa Monica Civic.
It was the same show I threw a "Sidewalk Sundae" at John Hiatt, the opening act, because I hated "The Negroes Were Dancing" so much.

William Repsher said...

Sidenote: Sal, I was walking down Steinway Street today when I noticed a new record/CD/coffee shop had opened up just north of Astoria Boulevard. It looked mobbed -- people everywhere, didn't go in. But I figured you might want to check this place out some time in the near future -- not something you see that much of anymore, especially around here!

Sal Nunziato said...

Been hearing about this place for a month, William. Of course, everyone keeps telling me about it, almost like a warning: "Hey (looks around ominously), did ya hear?"

I passed by yesterday and yes, mobbed. No A/C, no room to move. I'll check it out this week, once I get a trenchcoat and some nose glasses.

dogbreath said...

Back from a long weekend in Dublin's fair city so because of the jigging, jogging & jugging I've only just now caught up with this mix. That's another fine mess you've got me into, Stanley - sorry, another fine mix! The James Gang opener from the Bang album and Mr Sinatra's closing tune bookend things sweetly and I love not knowing all of the stuff in the middle (just like some sandwiches I've eaten recently). I'm one of the minority who still like to burn cds (I've become used to the sideways glances when I admit to same) and that's where this tasty morsel, henceforth known as "Off the Shelves July 2015", will be saved for posterity. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

What a collection Sex Pistol Bette Midler Frank The Moody Blues



Michael Giltz said...

What the heck is a 45 vending machine? I mean, I understand the concept but where did they exist?
PS I am not a robot
-- Robby The Robot

Sal Nunziato said...

@Michael Giltz

Exactly what you think it is. I remember one in a Two Guys department store in Jersey and one in a variety store in Brooklyn.