Friday, July 3, 2015

The Weekend Mix: 7/3/15

This has been an uninspiring week with unpleasantness, unnecessary distractions, unfulfillment and a good dozen more "un" words. I will spare you details other than, I did not make it to the Richard Thompson show last week, for those who have been asking. That is all I'd like to say about that UNbelievable Manhattan disaster.

I did clear my head, if only for a little while, with a trip to Coney Island. Something about the train ride through familiar territory with the iPod surprising me at every stop and an ocean at journey's end that can revive the temporary inactivity of all that has suddenly gone to sleep. The picture above is the view from the Q train as you pull into Coney Island. For me, it's like seeing Oz for the first time. (The magical land, not the HBO show.)

Almost all of the songs below played on the iPod exactly as programmed for the mix, with the exception of The Beatles' "Cry For A Shadow," which I tossed in, breaking the unwritten law of "no more than one artist on a mix." I thought it sounded great following Roy Wood's homage to the Andrews Sisters, "Mustard."

Another discovery is "Bring Back That Leroy Brown," not necessarily a go-to Queen track for me, but one that took on a new life with headphones. I know this tune inside and out, but never quite appreciated the musicianship. It's more than just a novelty tune.

I didn't spend too many words, if any, singing the praises of FFS, the new collaboration between Sparks and Franz Ferdinand. I'll do it now. It is one of my favorite releases of the year and sounded great coming right after the Posies' "She's Coming Down Again," which has some of my favorite Ken Stringfellow lyrics.

The Rod Stewart, if you didn't already know, was written by Paul McCartney. Anyone have Paul's demo?

Have a safe holiday weekend. No illegal fireworks. Enjoy the music. Thanks for your indulgence.


Mustard- Roy Wood
Cry For A Shadow-The Beatles
I Read You Like An Open Book- The Tages
Ride- Nick Drake
Bring Back That Leroy Brown- Queen
My Clown- July
She's Coming Down Again- The Posies
Dictator's Son- FFS
Basket Case- Warren Zevon
All The Rage- Elvis Costello
Mine For Me- Rod Stewart
Good Morning, Good Morning (Demo)- The Beatles
The Mole From The Ministry- Dukes Of Stratosphear



William Repsher said...

When I try to name my least favorite Queen song ... it's usually "Bring Back that Leroy Brown"! Not sure why it offends me so ... maybe because I'm far more in the Jim Croce "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" camp? Whether it was this, "Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon" or "The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke" or "Seaside Rendezvous" or "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" ... there was that one WTF moment per Queen album where I just sat there shaking my headphoned head. But I guess this was better than "Mustapha"?

That FFS didn't grab me at all -- and I wanted it to, of course, with Sparks involved. I'll have to re-Spotify it to see if anything jumps out.

Curious to get your take on that new Rod Stewart single!

dogbreath said...

Crap? Some weeks are crap, aren't they? But at least we can't say that about your song selection! Another delicious confection mixing up the ethereal Nick Drake with a Queen-sized slice of fun plus a sprinkling of old (Beatley stuff) and new (FFS) for added flavour. Many thanks. And not all "un" words are bad, are they - unaccused and unaging, for example, or undressed (that's enough of that - ed). Looking forward to running the mix through my lugholes and wishing you a very happy holiday weekend. What is it you ex-colonials celebrate on the 4th? Oh yes, now I remember!

cmealha said...

Any playlist that includes Roy Wood's "Mustard" is automatically gold.

hpunch said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed someone sends you the Macca demo of Mine For Me, and you share it with us.
I always loved Bring Back Leroy Brown, it does sound stunning on headphones. Is that the same Leroy Brown Jim Croce was singing about?
I'm right with you on FFS. It's one of those rare records that I loved at first listen, and the love grows deeper after each listen.

Anonymous said...

Any share with Warren Zevon is a winner



Noam Sane said...

Thanks for the mix Sal - I always come up with a gem or two I didn't know about.

Also never realized "Mine for Me" was Macca - without looking it up, I believe from "Smiler"? Was a big go-to record for me in High School.

A walk in the woods said...

Thanks for this mix, Sal... hope the coming week inspires more. :)