Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Well, This Kind Of Knocked Me Out


Gene Oberto said...

What a voice! I also liked the way they westernized the sound by subbing the violin for sitar. Now excuse me as I go look for more from Mr. Dixit.

Anonymous said...

I like it better then what Simels has up over at "Power Pop". I'll have to give it a few listens.

Capt. Al

A walk in the woods said...

Very cool. I have an unfortunate blind spot in my music listening, wherein I really don't like what we call "world music" - or anything going near it, like this - only because I am fairly lyrically oriented, and I don't know what he's saying.

I've had friends try to convince me for years of how wrong I am - things like, "Well, you like scat - what's the problem?" "You like the Cocteau Twins or early REM where you can't tell what they're saying - what's the problem?" or "You like jazz - just pretend it's instrumental music with vocalese on top of it".

But I can't break thru the fact that I want to know what he's saying, and I don't. But, that's my pro'lem.

Other than that, what I notice most about it is how he seems to be doing it for anything but money. Love that aspect.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I've been listening to Indian music ever since George turned me on. It's part of my DNA at this point. I've learned to listen to the voice as an instrument. I hardly ever listen to the lyrics, unless they really jump out.
The violin is no stranger to Indian music. The Sarangi is a traditional bowed instrument.

Then there is the unforgettable violin b L. Shankar featured on "The Cutter".

tinpot said...

Thank you for this, Sal — you make my life better.
But my main take from this is ... why can't we have a show like this (Later ... with Jools Holland) in the USA? Or, why can't a network (that most people get) pick up this show? How much more great music are we missing out on? You have featured clips from it before Sal, do you have some access to it other than random luck on youtube?

Sal Nunziato said...

tinpot--Later With Jools has been on for years and I only started binge-watching recently. It's shown on Palladia, which I get thru Time Warner Cable. They rerun about 5 episodes a day.

The show format is brilliant, making Paul McCartney, Mavis Staples, Florence & The Machine and Raghu Dixit all play to each other. Why can't America have a show like this? Because we have "America's Next Weatherman," that's why.

tinpot said...

"Palladia" ? Never heard of it, and not an option on my piss-poor cable co. (can't get satellite — too many trees in the wrong places). So, I shall just have to rely on you to keep me informed. Which I know you will. Keep up the good work.

cmealha said...

Me as well

Nag said...


The young man playing the violin in the video is one Karthick Iyer. He is a fantastic musician and singer, too.
Check these videos out:

If you like these, you will also like this young fantastic band called Project YUJ:

And this band, called Sean Roldan and Friends:

Hope you enjoy these. And do let me know if you'd like more such recommendations for Indian Fusion Indie music.

Been a long time lurker here, so happy to contribute!

Best wishes,