Friday, September 18, 2015


Earlier than later I hope, a package containing both new records from Darlene Love and Keith Richards will be delivered by the United Parcel Service. As of this writing, I have only heard the singles from each. While these records have been available either as streams or shady downloads for a few days now, I still have my listening ritual which I don't expect will ever change. That ritual is simple--if it's an artist I've loved and followed, I will wait until I have a hard copy in my hands so I can give it a proper listen. No earbuds. No computer speakers.

This proves difficult at times, specifically when a new record is available digitially weeks earlier than a physical copy. (I still have not heard the new Squeeze record, which has been available online for two weeks now, with a physical vinyl release scheduled for the first week in October.) But I stick with my plan, because quite simply, I enjoy it this way.

That being said, I've been chomping at the bit for a few records, with Keef's new one at the top of the list. To help me through this twisted form of "cold turkey," I decided I would listen to his last solo record "Main Offender." As I reached for it, I noticed something else, something called "Sure The One You Need," a collection of rarities, b-sides, duets, collaborations and outtakes. I think I have ten volumes of this. (I forgot I had one volume.)

Unfortunately, no details are listed on the CD artwork, but I do recognize some of it, like some tracks from the Toronto hotel room tapes, or a duet with George Jones. I decided to post Volume One, and if there is any interest, will continue to post all in the future.  If anyone recognizes anything and would like to offer specifics, we'd all be grateful, I'm sure.


Run Rudolph Run
Worried Life Blues
All About You
Say It's Not You
I Got A Letter
Yap Yap
Salty Dog
Little T & A
She Still Comes Around
Sweet Dreams
It Won't Be Long
Take It So Hard
Make It Now
Goodbye To Love
You're Too Much
Apartment #9
Wicked As It Seems
Crying, Waiting, Hoping



Anonymous said...

There's interest, there's matter how goulish (and at this point I think it is verging on such; how is that man still alive...if he is still alive...if he was ever alive). After the nukes there will only be cockroaches, Fidel, and Keef. And in that firefight, I'd bet on Mr. Richards.

hasta la victoria siempre

Anonymous said...

Hello all…no, please remain seated,

Great collection. Can’t download while at work, but, from what I know…Rudolph and Worried Life Blues are with the New Barbarians. Stuff like Salty Dog and Cocaine are from the Voodoo Lounge sessions. In addition to the Toronto stuff, there’s the great Honeymoon at Cabo San Lucas tapes.


buzzbabyjesus said...

"Life" was a major turnoff, like finally getting to hang out with Keith was a bore. This collection, however looks interesting.

William Repsher said...

Good stuff -- I always enjoy hearing Stones bootleg material, my favorites being Some Girls outtakes. I didn't buy the new Squeeze either ... because I didn't even know it existed until you just mentioned it! That's the problem with the digital age - unless you're paying constant attention, you can miss stuff like this by favorite artists. In any event, the last few Chris Difford solo albums have blown my doors off, he's surprisingly good as a lead singer now, in his own way, and I'm curious to hear how that plays out teaming up with Tilbrook again.

A walk in the woods said...

Really looking forward to hearing this. And REALLY looking forward to Keef's new record - I plan to buy it on vinyl to really enjoy/experience it.

And, love what you said about how to hear a key artist's new music - don't listen online, or while doing 5 other things, or on headphones. Be at home, close everything down, and give it all your attention. Love it.


Thanks for this mix Sal -- I'm looking forward to listening when I'm back at my computer.

I saw the new doc on Keef last night. Maybe no new killer insights but fun.

It is now up on Netflix -- worth a watch.

Nick said...

I couldn't wait for Keefers new offering. You will not be disappointed, just brilliant in my humble opinion. Also, thank you so much for everything you do. My kinowledge is increasing by leaps and bounds.

George said...

Thanks, Sal. Always a treat to hear this stuff--by all means more, if you can find the CDs!

Steve P said...

I LOVE Main Offender. I think it's the best Stones-related release of the 90s by miles. Hate It When You Leave needs to be covered by Al Green. Most importantly, the record just SOUNDS good- crisp, not too loud, excellent guitar tone.

badfoot9 said...

Yes, Yes, Please more Keef!

ag said...

I second all the (Keef) commotion!

David said...

Thank you for the Keith and all your great work with Burning Wood. You are definitely one of my prime stops during the week. I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful music. Hey did you see/ enjoy "Under The Influence"? Wonderful film.

cmealha said...

I went into this with some trepidation but found myself enthralled, especially with the rough demos, Some real meat in those tracks. More, more, more.