Friday, September 11, 2015

"Which One's Pink?": THE WEEKEND MIX

This was not one of the better weeks of 2015. I'll spare you most of the unpleasant details. But let's just say that having a number of truly mind-blowing political discussions with some unbelievably hateful people, who somehow, even after being handed pages of facts, videos, pie charts, quotes, maps and spreadsheets, still refuse to admit they are wrong, can suck the life out of a person. This, coupled with the oppressive heat and humidity and then culminating with losing my wallet, makes for a miserable end of summer.

I could not piece together a proper Weekend Mix. So, I was grateful for my friend who shared this great set of music with me.

Here's a terrific sounding live document of David Gilmour's warm-up show from the Brighton Centre, recorded on 9/5/15.

I realize that if you're not a fan, this Weekend Mix is a waste. I'm hoping that most of you are, or are curious enough to give it a spin. It's a great set list.

I will hopefully be gassed up and back to normal next week. I just need to avoid Facebook and the unreasonable people to my right.

(There, I've said it.)

Enjoy the weekend. If you find my wallet, there's a reward.


Rattle That Lock
Faces Of Stone
Wish You Were Here
A Boat Lies Waiting
The Blue
Us & Them
In Any Tongue
High Hopes
Astronomy Domine
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts I-IV)
Fat Old Sun
On An Island
The Girl In The Yellow Dress
Run Like Hell
Breathe (reprise)
Comfortably Numb



A walk in the woods said...

Whew... sorry you had such a hard week! Thanks for this mix though... I'm a big Floyd fan, and a Gilmour fan specifically.

Bulletins From Mars Hill said...

Brilliant. Thank you for sharing. If I can be so bold as to offer some advice re internet bigots. It's not real life it's just a place where the lowest common denominators dwell! Head upward and swim for the light.


Excellent mix -- thanks.

Pink Floyd notwithstanding David Gilmour is one of those artists I should know better. I recently came across a pretty cool cover he did of The Beatles' "Here, There and Everywhere." Now this ... Nice!

This week can be some of the best of the year but can also drag up all sorts of back-to-school angst even if back-to-school is way, way in the rear view mirror. And 9/11 must be especially tough for New Yorkers.

Okay, my dime-store analysis is done ... back to David Gilmour.

Have a better weekend Sal.


cm said...

Try not to let the trolls get to you, brother. All they're trying to do is bring you down to whatever circle of hell that they inhabit. Let the music that you love, & so generously share, restore your balance & your soul! Many of us stand with you against the hatred & ignorance.

Peace're not alone.

dogbreath said...

When I'm having a bad day/week/month I console myself by singing along with "Things can only get better". Perhaps that'd help you? (Probably not - Ed). I'd just dowloaded a remastered version of the Gilmour boot before spying your post so I was a happy chappy anyway. Don't let the b*****ds grind you down! Hope this coming week is a better one for you. Cheers!

Christine said...

Having had a most horrible two weeks myself, I am just seeing this now! I can hardly contain my excitement! Thank you, thank you, thank you!