Friday, October 16, 2015

Everybody Loves A Cover Version Pt. 9: THE WEEKEND MIX

I had been working on a few different themes for today's Weekend Mix.

10 Good R.E.M. Songs Since 1992

10 Teenage Fanclub Songs That Don't Sound Like The Other 90

10 Todd Rundgren Songs That Won't Send Readers Away For Good

10 Songs About Oakhurst, New Jersey

The Best Of Morrissey

All were impossible to compile.

I decided to go with another collection of covers, being inspired by Joe Jackson's inspired take on Television's "See No Evil."

I know I have used some of these tunes before, but it's less out of laziness and more because I just love them. Plus, there is always a chance someone may have missed something the first go around.

Here is what I've got with original artists in parentheses next to title.


What Does It Take (Jr. Walker & The All-Stars)- Garland Jeffreys
Misfire (Queen)- Neko Case
The Inner Light (The Beatles)- Little Junior Parker
Dr. Feelgood (Motley Crue)- The Mavericks
Private Number (Judy Clay & William Bell)- Glenn Tilbrook & Linda Bull
A Love Like Yours (Martha Reeves & The Vandellas)- Nilsson & Cher
I Am Waiting (Rolling Stones)- Ollabelle
I Wish I Was Your Mother (Mott The Hoople)- Maria McKee
Autumn Leaves (Yves Montand)- Eric Clapton
Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Eddie Cantor)- Hale & The Hushabyes
All The Way From Memphis (Mott The Hoople)- Brian May
I Can See For Miles (The Who)- The Shazam
I Don't Want To Tie You Down (Todd Rundgren)- Bill Lloyd
This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies)- Foo Fighters
Surf's Up (Beach Boys)- Vince Gill, David Crosby & Jimmy Webb



WHT said...

Maria McKee "Wichita Lineman"

Listen to the crowd noise

Troy said...

I attempted to challenge your statement about there not being 10 Good REM songs since 1992. Went back through their albums from 'Automatic for the People' onward, and came up with 9 really good (IMO) songs. So I guess you win this round, Sal. Have a good weekend.

Sal Nunziato said...

@Troy, were 6 of those 9 FROM "Automatic For The People?"

Troy said...

@Sal - only 3 were from Automatic. Here's the list:
Everybody Hurts
Man on the Moon
Star 69
Bittersweet Me
Supernatural Superserious
It Happened Today

By the way, I believe REM has a number of fine songs from 1992 on. These are the ones that I think are REALLY GOOD. I like both Automatic and New Adventures, plus decent chunks of Accelerate and Collapse Into Now. However, there's not much I like that fell between.

Sal Nunziato said...

I'll give you everything on that list, Troy, except for "Everybody Hurts," which I have always thought of as horrible. Stipe trying to be soulful is really just painful and I never understood how it became a hit.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Me? I always liked "Everybody Hurts". Stipe's vocals on the song never struck me as forced. Or, at least, any more forced than normal. If you ever decide to re-visit REM after '92, I'd be game for a listen.

On your list of covers....any list of songs that includes Maria McKee is off to a good start. But a tough choice on "Wish I was..." Were you tempted to include Alejandro Escovedo's version instead?


Chris Collins said...

I would be interested in your post "Automatic for the People" list. But "Automatic" is a masterpiece

kevin m said...

When it comes to REM post "Monster" I've always thought New Adventures and Reveal were really good albums.

Not much love for their last two releases although I love the song Discoverer and their farewell single, We All Go Back to Where We Belong is a bittersweet gem.

They have been one of my favorite bands since the mid-80s but I'm glad they called it a day when they did. No farewell tour (or 3) or playing the state fairs. They went out on their own terms, respect maintained and on good terms.

Sal Nunziato said...

@Chris Collins and well everyone...truth be told, I think R.E.M. are a fine band, not a great band. I think "Life's Rich Pageant" is their masterpiece and both "Out Of Time" and "Automatic For The People" are much better, more coherent and musically stronger than "Murmur" and "Reckoning," which I know are considered their greatest. As for AFTP being a masterpiece, I would almost agree except for my visceral hatred of "Everybody Hurts."

Fave post '92 R.E.M. tunes, in no particular order:

New Test Leper
Leaving NY

And I really like most of Collapse Into Now.

dogbreath said...

So it's have a pop at Steven Patrick Morrissey time, is it? Don't forget his collected best of ("Suedehead") from about a decade ago and he must have done some more good stuff since then. Hasn't he? Anybody....? Joking aside, thanks for the mix - I don't even know the originals of some, never mind the cover versions! Good weekend wishes all round. Cheers!

buzzbabyjesus said...

Those first four REM albums helped make the '80's bearable.

Dr Wu said...

Enjoying the covers mix very much. And the mention of R.E.M. was an added bonus as I hadn't given them a listen in too long. Those first four albums were a great run. And 'New Adventures in Hi-Fi' holds up remarkably well. As for covers, 'Superman' from 'Life's Rich Pageant' is certainly a fun one. Thanks again for all you do. Enjoy the weekend.
P.S. I still listen to the early Morrissey - up until 'Vauxhall and I' - on occasion. But, a man has to know how to read the room. And this ain't that room. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Nilsson and Cher? Can't wait to hear that.