Monday, October 12, 2015

"Income Inequality, Ebola, Secret Wars & A Fish": New Music From Jeff Matthews

One of the great exhales in life is when your musician friend gives you his new music and you actually like it. I have some incredibly talented friends and it's been the rare occasion where I have had to listen and smile while crying on the inside.

My friend Jeff Matthews has new music, four tracks under a title that rolls right off the tongue, "Income Inequality, Ebola, Secret Wars and A Fish." It has just been mixed, hot off the board and I am thrilled to share it here. Featuring songs written and sung by Jeff, produced by pop genius Mark Hudson who also sings background as well as playing keys, a personal guitar hero of mine (and some of you, too) Earl Slick on lead guitar and a killer rhythm section of Joan Matthews and Jon Weiswasser on bass and drums, respectively, "IIESWAAF" is right in my wheelhouse.

I often lament the absence of "the song," whining about style over substance and getting the stink eye from people who somehow equate my lack of interest in new music with being cranky. Get over it. I whine about style over substance because...well...ah fuck it. Let's leave that can closed and instead, give a listen to these two tunes from Jeff, both featuring enough hooks to snag a pike.

If you dig this stuff, there is more of it HERE.


jeff said...

jeez, is there anything this guy can't do? he not only plays, sings and writes great songs, but he can operate on you while he does any of those things.

cmealha said...

"Enough hooks to snag a pike"? Where are you from? Did get a chance to listen to the first cut. Really, really good. Can't wait to dig into the rest of it.