Friday, October 9, 2015

"It's An Honor To Be Nominated": A Cheap Trick Weekend Mix

Yes, it's that time of year again, when the heated debating begins over who should or should not be in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

"Yes and Deep Purple, finally!"

"Janet Jackson isn't rock and roll."

"What? Billy Squier forgotten again?!"

I really don't care, though I can make a better argument for NWA getting in than Los Lobos, even though I love Los Lobos and have no interest at all in NWA. But as my friend Jeff M. put it, "The RNRHOF is bizarre and full of contradictions, but what can i say- I do like to see at least some of my musical heroes and sentimental favorites get wider recognition."

That is true and that is why I am thrilled at Cheap Trick's nomination. I guess it could happen. Why not? Every hard rock, heavy metal and power pop band loves CT, not to mention the birthday boy, John Lennon. So, maybe the Hall loves them, too. 

If you've only ever listened to "Surrender" and "I Want You To Want Me," or you find yourself leaping like Usain Bolt to shut off your radio when "The Flame" or "If You Want My Love" comes on, maybe spend an hour with this mix. These boys are something else.


Back N Blue
Say Goodbye
Everything Works If You Let It
Just Got Back
You're All I Wanna Do
I Can't Take It
Oh Candy
Reactionary Girl (Robin Zander solo)
Way Of The World
Heaven Tonight
Let Go
Southern Girls
Heaven's Falling



kevin m said...

Sal- I'd be very interested to read why you think NWA deserves to be in the Hall over Los Lobos.

Sal Nunziato said...

@KevinM--solely based on the criteria of the HOF and not on who I like or would like to see inducted, NWA started something, like it or not. They are a seminal group of individuals who have influenced just about every major and important hip hop act of the last 25 years. Both Dr. Dre and Ice Cube have become successful outside of the band, especially Dre with his production work. There is nothing about the band's work that speaks to me, but it's hard to deny their impact.

As much as I love Los Lobos, I can't really say what I just said about NWA about them. Great musicians, great records, great live act, but the opposite of what I just said. NO hits, and a series of records that have essentially remained under the radar. If anything, what Los Lobos does is more about their influences.

Of course, the argument will always remain "Is it rock and roll?" I'm not going there.

William Repsher said...

The Hall of Fame stuff has always been a bit of a ruse. On one hand, it's the music industry at its worst: cronyism, Jann Wenner connections, personal feuds, critics having too much control, the old buddy network of managers becoming record company big wheels ... it f'n reeks to high heaven.

On the other, when you look at who's been inducted, there's great stuff going on. Glaring omissions, sure, there always will be. Some people are never going to make it. Graham Parker? He burned many a bridge with record company folks, the exact same people who vote in these things, and they're going to turn a blind eye on someone who's had a substantial, decades-long career.

It's always strange to see bands like Yes nominated, when you would have assumed they'd been in for years. But, again, prog rock was mostly laughed at by critics in the 70's, i.e., the kind of people who vote in these things. The New York Dolls? More than a few bands they influenced heavily are in, but not them. Which tells me, more than likely, there must be some personal BS going on behind the scenes to prevent such an obvious no-brainer from happening.

For the most part, I don't get it, and I don't like it. Never been to the museum, would most likely go if I found myself in Cleveland, then again, I suspect it would be a coin toss between that and visit to the Happy Ending Massage Emporium on Euclid Avenue.

Chris Collins said...

You left off "He's a Whore"- my all time favorite Cheap Trick song!

Jeff in Denton TX said...

Despite my better instincts, I always get sucked into the R&RHoF debate each year. My CD catalog Excel document even has a check box indicating if an act has been inducted (I also have a box for the Country Music Hall, too). Unlike a lot of folks, I have no problem with rap and pop acts being inducted, as long as those performers have some legitimate connection to rock music. As far as this year's nominees are concerned, I don't really have a problem with any of them.

Although I'm not really a fan of hers, I do think Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" is a pretty nifty pop-rock track.

I'm partial to some of the "older" nominated acts: Yes, Deep Purple, Chicago, Cheap Trick, The Spinners, and The Cars.

I'm still not sure why the Clovers never got in, though.

kevin m said...

You know what Sal, I agree with your thesis about NWA 100%. Now about that Janet Jackson nomination.....

buzzbabyjesus said...

My Cheap Trick mix would just be the first lp.

dogbreath said...

A fine, not run-of-the-mill Cheap Trick mix, many thanks, marred only by being reminded of how much my ex-wife had the hots for Mr Zander! Oh well, I'll get over it.

Gene Oberto said...

Cheap Trick hits every checkmark in what a band should be. Musicianship, creativity, charisma, showmanship, longevity, loyalty and fan friendly.

Lord Carrett said...