Friday, October 30, 2015

The Weekend Mix: 10/30/15

I can't recall if it was a phone call or an e-mail, but a friend of mine said something like, "I almost never listen to your Weekend Mix. I'm selfish. I don't want to listen to what other people put together. I want to listen to what I put together."

I've been thinking about that a lot, as I am often sent CDs (still) or asked to check something out and delay actually listening until backed into a corner, if I listen at all. To paraphrase many readers of this blog, I have so much music to listen to, I just can't find the time to listen to something other than what I really want to listen to.

That being said, The Weekend Mix takes the most time and has the least the activity. I understand. This is not a complaint.  Why grab a download of something that may include 5 artists you don't like or 15 songs you already own? I would suggest "Because the mix is put together to listen to as a whole," but that brings me right back to my friend's comment. I get it.

Today will be the last mix on a Friday, at least temporarily. If I find something, like a rare recording of Bob Dylan "Wiggle Wiggle" outtakes, I will most certainly share it. But, I am stopping the regular process of curating from inspiration. Fridays will still be fun. Maybe I will steal a few ideas from our pal Steve Simels over at PowerPop.

To the few who have been grabbing each and every one of the Weekend Mixes, I love this last one. It came from two places. About half was inspired by a friend and half from the usual surprise of shuffle. I had planned on two separate mixes, but said "Fok dat!" Instead I sequenced it all to what has become a personal favorite playlist. The McCartney track through headphones, by the way, absolutely knocked me out  As an addition, today's Song Of The Day from John Dunbar has my favorite lyrics of the week, and seems appropriate.


Kickin' My Heart Around- The Black Crowes
Killer Queen- Queen
Is This All There Is?- Los Lobos
Crying In The Night- Buckingham/Nicks
The Bends-Radiohead
About You- Paul McCartney
Mindless Child Of Motherhood- The Kinks
Out In The Country- Three Dog Night
Respect- The Rationals
Crying For Attention- Graham Parker
She Smiled Sweetly- Rolling Stones
Malibu- Hole
Meteor Shower- Rhett Miller
Rock & Roll Tonight- Cheap Trick
Somewhere- Tom Waits
Born To Run- Bruce Springsteen



cmealha said...

I love the weekend mix. A lot of times it turns me on to something I've never heard or reminds me of a great track that I haven't heard for a while. Say it ain't so.

William Repsher said...

The amount of time it takes to throw together a mix can be mind-bending. Some times, you can jus toss one out. But a lot of times, there's research involved, there's listening, probably to about 10 times the music you end up putting into the mix. Do you ever think smaller themes? A handful of songs? 10? There's no need to stick to the CD format anymore, or at least you could view that as an outer limit of time.

The problem these days is that people can just as easily stream the tracks from other sources then pick-and-choose which tracks they want if they want to go back and download the whole thing. I have a similar issue with holiday CDs I put out - in lieu of mailing holiday cards. I suspect most people play them once in the car then file them away. Some love them - I tend to make a real effort with artwork and concept along with the music. One guy says he only plays CDs in his car, but all mine are in there. But I suspect most people get them, say ah that's nice, Bill still enjoys listening to music, then go about their lives.

It sort of hit me that I'm doing it for myself! Granted, you need an audience, but ultimately you're pleasing yourself. I've surely hinted at the concept in the past, whether getting into this or the topic of readership. Always worthwhile to keep that in mind. But I can surely respect a decision to save yourself a few hours of assembling a mix ... I know the amount of work implied!

Anonymous said...

You do you, but do not doubt how very much a set of us will miss this. I garb each, listen, learn, love (some), and laugh (often). Your labor of love has been a treat.

c'est la fuckin' vie or guerre or somesuch, but never doubt the impact you've had.

As St Patti would say, proceed with abandon

la lucha sigue

Bulletins From Mars Hill said...

Fridays will never be the same again.

mauijim said...

nooooo Mr Sal please reconsider. I dnld the mix every week without fail. Where are we gonna get your New orleans knowledge?

A walk in the woods said...

I'm one of those who DL's every single weekend mix, and songs of the day post, and, well, all of it. I enjoy your segues and song choices, because I'm a lifelong mixtape maker myself - well, nowadays it's mostly iTunes playlists. (I'm not an online streaming service guy at all)

But I understand you needing to mix it up. One of my favorite types of weekend mixes that you've done though - and like William said, I hope you kinda consider this, even if only to amuse yourself: are your mixes of a certain artist, deep cuts or cuts from a certain decade, etc. Those are probably the most illuminating to me overall.

That being said, I'll look forward to however you morph it going forward. Have a rockin' weekend and I look forward to hearing this one! ("Out In The Country" by Three Dog Night is such a lost gem, BTW)

Sal Nunziato said...

For the record everyone, it's not like I'm looking for a collective pat on the back for the mixes. I enjoy making them. But the fact is, based on comments, it's the least popular post. Even Songs Of The Week gets more action.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Counting today, I've downloaded 44 weekend mixes. I haven't listened to them all, but you understand. But there's more. I used to make a weekly mix for the car, but I've stopped because of my phone. My method for listening is on shuffle.
I have 16 gigs of music which I intermittently add and subtract to. It's a giant mix tape which reconfigures itself. My personal radio station.
I'll flip through a pile of cd's and think, "Nah, I don't want to hear that", over and over, but in shuffle I don't know what's next, and whatever it is will be followed by something completely different.
Thanks for all the effort. Take a well deserved break.

Signtopia said...

I remember back in the 1970s looking forward to many a Friday night when my friends and I would meet up in one of their basements to listen to music. That's how we shared back then. I would go to record shops and discover new music, buy as much as I could, and could not wait to subject my friends to the glorious sounds I had discovered. Those listening parties ceased to exist at some point and left a void in our lives. The idea that someone simply just tells you about or recommends you listen to an artist is all well and good......but to get to listen and hear what someone wanted you to hear and then get to discuss it........well........I am sure you understand. Sure, the internet opened many avenues of access to music, but it doesn't have that personal aspect that those Friday night get-togethers had. Only hard core audiophiles might be willing or eager to roam some other avenue on the internet to give a listen to.....say some obscure Tin Tin song if it isn't put right in front of them. Your Weekend Mix, for me, has been "music to my ears" for quite some time and while it isn't the 1970s I suppose it's as close as it can get.
It always made me feel good to share my music interests with anyone willing to give a listen, I am sure you feel the same way. Sal, whatever you decide, just know that this "neighborhood" guy appreciates your efforts.

Wait another year....Utopia is here.....and there's always more.

Sal Nunziato said...


Thank you. The hope from day one was exactly as you described your 70s Friday nights. But it never happens. That's why I'm thinking it doesn't work. Not playing any tiny violins or trying to glorify my mixes as something worth discussing, just saying I don't slap them together. I listen back, resequence for optimum effect because it is what I enjoyed most about great 70s radio. But truthfully, this is the most discussion any Weekend Mix post has gotten. It's work. FUN work. But still time consuming.

vanwoert said...


I couldn't agree more with everything you said. Sal, you are the DJ on the only Friday show that I listen to. If you had call letters, that bumper sticker would be on my car.

Robin said...

I always love them, listen, download and treasure them- when I don't it is because life has gotten in the way and I wasn't able to visit here. Of course I always respect your decision to not do them, I know how much time and care goes into them. I love others' playlists, it opens my ears.

BTW- I don't always comment on Fridays (or even other times but specifically on Friday) because I honestly don't have anything that I think is interesting enough to say or add to the conversation other than "thanks again for another great list and sharing a part of listening world with me." But that doesn't mean that I'm not grabbing them and gobbling them up each week when I can.

Cheers and Happy Halloween!

Mr. Baez said...

I too looked forward to my Friday drive home from work with your weekly mix blasting away. I have grabbed them all and will truly miss your curatorship. Maybe you would consider doing seasonal specials like Andy Williams or the King Family used to do. Anyway, thank you for what you have done and hopefully will do in the future. Adios

dogbreath said...

Perhaps you should look at the lower response rate as a tacit approval and quiet satisfaction & enjoyment of the music you've divvied up for us. I've never underestimated the amount of time & effort each mix must require and I've discovered/rediscovered some great music along the way. Anyway, to misquote some song title or other: it's the end of the world as we know it but what a fine mix to end the working week. Crowes, Kinks, Queen, Parker, Trick, a cornucopia to be savoured on my drive home. May your weekend be a good one! Cheers!

Chris Collins said...

I'm sad to see these go! I listen all the time.

But "Malibu" is a freaking mini masterpiece

Sal Nunziato said...

Okay enough! I only wanted to stop the Weekend Mixes because no one ever said anything. Seemed like a waste of good time and great music. If everyone is actually grabbing and enjoying, I'll continue.


All day in the back of my mind I've been composing a comment -- Now I see I'm late to the party!

Add my voice to those who enjoy -- and appreciate -- the weekend mixes.

Thanks Sal.

PS -- today's mix is a killer!

Mr. Baez said...

God's in his heaven; all's right with the world - Very happy to see that you have reconsidered the Weekend Mix. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sal

I too download everything and enjoy the diverse nature of your selections. You must do as you must, but we the public will be poorer for your decision



Anonymous said...

Mr. Nunziato, if you ever wondered if you had adoring fans, that matter should be cleared up. Before you tell us all the reasons we shouldn't, I'm not saying it speaks for your character, but your musical tastes and your talent for throwing them together is pretty damn exceptional and a bona fide oasis on this hot mess called the internet. Thanks for reconsidering; when I win the lottery, somethings coming your way....[note to self: start playing the lottery.]

mckee said...

I love the Mix.

Can't tell you how many great songs and artists that you've introduced me to via the Mix.

I download almost everything you post, pop it on my Ipod and listen when I walk my dog.

I'm sad that you've chosen to stop the Weekend Mix, but my dog is going to be even sadder cause without it, we're going to go on a lot less walks.

Best always
Jeff McKee - Richmond Va

soundsource said...

this sucks. I look forward to the weekend mis and the subsequent songs of the week. I have a 40.4gig file of just weekend mixes and sotw. i want more. Don't be such a dick. and i'm not a fucking robot and i know what a fucking doughnut is

soundsource said...

Plus on a less selfish note when i meet young musicians or young music lovers I always tell them go to burning wood for interesting takes on music and more but especially for the weekend mixes cause you'll hear such good diverse music, it's like the last vestige of good fm radio. so there's that too. and i'm still not a fucking robot and i know what a construction vehicle looks like

ken49 said...

A little bit of a contrary position but I feel the weekend mix has become a little stagnant. Not so much the content but the format. I enjoy the deep cut mixes, Cheap Trick, Todd Rundgren, Hall and Oates, New Orleans Mix, etc. But I find myself less and less interested in the weekly posts. I always take a look and enjoy the comments but I am curious and interested in what might become the next step.

Gene Oberto said...

During the turbulent times of the late 60s & 70s, the administration of that era came up with the term, the Silent Majority. When it comes to the weekend mix, Sal, I am one and from the comments above I'm not the only one.

There are many reasons why there would be little comments on the mix. Friday has a lot activity and then there is the weekend. I think the main reason, however, is the mix takes a little time to digest. For instance, on my phone I have a list called Sal's Loads. The weekend mix goes there and is listened to during the coming week. It stays there until the next "load" of tunes comes along.

As one who dabbled in doing mixes for friends and relatives, I know what an effort it can be to search and search for that one song that will perfectly fit a theme or a flow. It ain't easy, but it allows me to feel the appreciation I have for your efforts albeit silently.

Like the FM personality of radio past or the rock critic that spoke to you, I look forward to the mix to learn what's on your mind as well as find some nugget that makes me wonder what ever was I thinking about at the time. The Black Crowes, for instance. How did I ever miss their later work? Thanks to you, I haven't.

You know I respect any decision you make. I hope the flurry of positive comments shows you that far from indifference the Weekend Mix is a destination for a lot of people. Count me as one of them. The day I discovered Burning Wood and then you was one of the good days in my life.

Bulletins From Mars Hill said...

Friday's are back on track! :-)

steves said...

I love the Weekend mixes and have always appreciated your effort to compile them, Sal. I'm one of those folks who grabs every one, and while it sometimes takes me a while to listen to them, I enjoy every one...whether I already have the songs in my collection or not. I can understand your reasons for bailing on it though. But thanks again for all the great comps you've already done.

dogbreath said...

Blimey! Thanks for the good news about the mixes - the public gets what the public wants.....