Sunday, November 22, 2015

Songs Of The Week 9.0: 11/14-11/20

Genitalia Of A Fool- Glenn Tilbrook
Make The World Go Away- Bobby Bare Jr.
The Left Hand & The Right Hand- Chuck Prophet
Walk A Thin Line- Fleetwood Mac
Ain't Nobody Home- Howard Tate
Dinosaur- King Crimson
I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine- Beth Orton



Anonymous said...

Dude, I know you think few of us pay attention or appreciate or whatever and having been in your store back in the day and roundly ignored, I know you don't need any additional idolization--but damn you are good at this. Everyone a winner. Thanks.


An excellent collection.

I had not heard the Glen Tilbrook -- I'm not sure if I should thank you or ...

dogbreath said...

Another fine SOTW download - many thanks - and I've always loved Beth Orton's beautiful & haunting version of the old Ronettes song, a splendid way to end the week. Cheers!

kodak ghost said...

A terrific mix this week. Always look forward to it. Disappointed many times. But this is good. Thanks. Beth Orton.. a first for you in a mix??

Anonymous said...

This is the most complete mix I have had the pleasure to have listened to for a while.

Great work Sal