Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Spirit?

The cable channel Palladia has renewed Daryl Hall's internet sensation "Live From Daryl's House" for another batch of episodes. Until new episodes are filmed, the station has been airing the same half dozen episodes, over and over. And over. Last night, I was surprised to not see Kandace Springs or Ben Folds name on my DVR list. Instead, in a timely move, Palladia pulled one out of the Christmas stocking and showed the holiday episode with Shelby Lynne from a year or two ago.

Here are two highlights, both Shelby Lynne originals. The first, is what Daryl Hall called the "darkest Christmas song ever written," much to Lynne's delight. The other, which I believe I posted when the show first aired, is a song from Lynne's breakthrough LP "I Am Shelby Lynne."

Both performances kick some serious ass, actually, with "Leavin," leavin' me weak. It turned me into a puddle of water then, and again last night.


buzzbabyjesus said...

They do indeed kick serious ass.

whattawino said...

OK, I'm a mess too... Outstanding!

Robin said...

A favorite! Thanks for reminding me. Love Shelby and her sister Allison Moorer. And Daryl and Shelby is a honeyed sort of heaven. Lot of pain and tragedy in Shelby and Allison's lives as youngsters, deepened them I think.

On the lighter side of music heaven, of the recent Live from Daryl's that are on demand or shown over and over I really love the Kitty, Daisy & Lewis episode. Extraordinarily talented kids they are, and Daryl seemed to really adore them, and it was just plain fun.

dogbreath said...

Very nice indeed. I definitely prefer the allure of the dark side (no, not THAT movie) in the "Xmas" song compared to the usual seasonal fare and "Leavin'" is as deliciously emotional as when you first posted it, when it made me seek out the original audio. Thanks for sharing!

A walk in the woods said...

Damn, hell YES! I'm not a movie, video or web-watcher, but if Daryl would just put out every episode of this on DVD, I'd watch it. Would love a CD of it all too.