Monday, December 28, 2015


One summer afternoon in1979, my friend Phil drove up East 19th Street in Sheepshead Bay and forced me to listen to Motorhead's "Overkill." He was right. Thank you, Phil.

I have a lot of Motorhead stories. But at the moment, I am crushed.

R.I.P., Lemmy. You were one of a kind.


David said...

Saddened to read of Lemmy's passing. First time I saw Motorhead was the Ace of Spades tour, back in 1981 - I was 17/18 years old. They played the Old Waldorf in SF. At the time, I had never seen a band quite like them. Along with Philthy Animal Taylor and Fast Eddie Clarke the three of them were a site to see and hear. My body buzzed for days after that show. RIP Lemmy, thanks for all the great rock n roll and being the outlaw that you were. Dave in San Francisco

dogbreath said...

First had my eardrums shattered by Lemmy front of stage at a Hawkwind gig when their single "Silver Machine" was doing the business, thanks in no small measure to his - er - distinctive raspy vocals. And then came Motorhead - headbanging & eardrums completely destroyed, enough said. Not too long after Phil Taylor's demise as well. With Lemmy it's the passing of a real rock 'n' roll legend, on stage and off.

hpunch said...

Rock and Roll just got a little less cool