Friday, December 4, 2015

Weekend Mix: Happy Holidays!

They lit the tree on Wednesday, so the season is officially on, although it's been here since the day after Halloween.
I doubt anyone will be surprised I'm one of those guys who hated Christmas. I used to say I hated "Jingle Bell Rock" most of all. That it was the song I loathed most in the world, regardless of genre.

In 2007 I reconnected with an old flame, who came with a 7 year old daughter. We became a family.
I figured out pretty quick that Christmas was a big deal and the music an indispensible component. As a new Dad, it was important to not ruin the holidays.
I was in a big box audio store when I encountered a wall of monitors playing Hall & Oates video of "Jingle Bell Rock". Up until that moment I would have told you that not only was I no fan of H&O, I despised their slick commerciality. I was a hater.
Confronted with a double whammy of loathesome on such a massive scale, I snapped. By the time GE unwrapped the guitar for the pitch perfect solo, I was utterly charmed.
That was the first year I put together a Holiday mix.
We'll take a family portrait for the album cover this weekend, and I'll be making 50 cd's and mailing them out to friends and family next week.
Now you can too!

Have a rockin' Holiday!
Baby Jesus

Xmas 2015


iggy said...

What a sweet Christmas offering, Sal, both the music and the words. There is nothing in human experience that changes our perspective more quickly and completely than parenthood. Can't wait to enjoy the tunes with my own family. All good holiday wishes to you and yours,



BBJ -- thanks!

Even (especially?!) at its cheesiest Christmas music does unite and excite.

My "children" are young adults now still every year "Santa" makes an Rockin' Advent Calendar. I created a gmail account for Santa from which I send to my kids and a few friends one Christmas song each day in December leading to Christmas Eve. The first year it took my kids about ten days to figure out Santa's identity. But one childhood friend still forwards to me especially good songs he gets from in these mystery emails from Santa :-)

Imagine being almost sixty and still believing in Santa.

Ho Ho Ho indeed!

Noam Sane said...

Sometimes, there's a man...

William Repsher said...

Good cross section of material. I, too, have a Christmas playlist on the iPod, very large and grows intermittently, but I also include a lot of darker-themed holiday material. Must admit though that I think the Hall & Oates cover of "Jingle Bell Rock" is horseshit!

Sal Nunziato said...

"Must admit though that I think the Hall & Oates cover of "Jingle Bell Rock" is horseshit"


Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Howdy, Beeb....thanks for posting the set. I plan to download after work because I generally like all Christmas music. With one exception: Dylan's Christmas album from a few years back. And, honestly? Ive never even listened to it. I just have this fear of it, of the whole concept of it. Like something bad or sinister will happen, if I expose my ears to it. Eeessh. Got a shiver just writing about it.

In any case...Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Christmas music myself, and look forward to giving your mix a spin. Happy Holidays, and thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Like you, I used to be a grinch, but I now make "mixtapes" to send to friends each Christmas, too. And they're just as eclectic as yours (I've used and LOVE the Soulful Strings' "Dance of The Sugarplum Fairies"). Thanks so much for sharing yours. Ironically, I've been working on this year's mix this morning and only took a break to check out the blogs. You've re-inspired me. All that's left is selecting 80 minutes of music from about 4 hours worth of "contenders" who made the initial cut. Have the merriest holiday season ever!

steve simels said...

Love it love it love it.

BTW, you get a big tip of the Hatlo Hat over at PowerPop on Monday.

philo said...

Christmas isn't Christmas without this classic

Robin said...

I'm a Christmas music collector, love to sing Christmas songs too and some of my faves are on here. As well as some I don't have, which is great, since I'm always looking for more. The Blind Boys of Alabama's cd is a particular favorite and I see them represented here. Thank you for sharing this and your wonderful story too.


buzzbabyjesus said...

The Blind Boys are so good there are two.

dogbreath said...

Not a bad effort, may engender a few warmish, sentimental emotions which I will endeavour to repel firmly - many thanks!

John J said...

Thanks for this! I love Christmas compilations.

Can someone tell me the artist on Feliz Navidad?


Charlie Carr said...

I have a pretty stunning collection of Christmas music. Which contains exactly none of these tracks! Can't wait!
Thanks to all involved . . .

buzzbabyjesus said...

"Can someone tell me the artist on Feliz Navidad?"

The Fab Four

John J said...

Thank you!