Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day Three

I listened to "The Man Who Sold The World" and "Hours" last night, both sounding better than ever of course, with the latter suddenly feeling like a lost masterpiece. I'm sure that might change as time goes on, since it was a record I only just "liked" for the last twenty years. I've got "Station To Station" and "Black Tie, White Noise" lined up for today. Maybe "Blackstar," as well. I tried taking a Bowie break yesterday and I put on Richard Thompson's "Henry The Human Fly." Wasn't happening. Too soon. Came right off.

I also watched the clip above, which has been all over Facebook. It is a tribute pieced together by Conan O'Brien, of Bowie's many appearances on the show. How did I never see one? I'm sure if you are a fan and still reeling from the sudden loss, you will be moved by this compilation, if only because of how human Bowie appears. This is something that wasn't always taken for granted. There were few chances for us lay people to experience the human side of David Bowie.

I can't promise I will stop writing about Bowie any time soon. You're free to go at any time.


kevin m said...

I hadn't seen those Conan clips yet either so thank you for posting.

I had tears in my eyes as I was laughing at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sal,
take your time and get it out of your system as we are all trying to do in our own way and I'll be checking in each day. Thanx for the Conan link.
Also listening to 'Man Who Sold The World' right now and last night it was Diamond Dogs and David Live plus loads of YouTube stuff. I cried the day of Live Aid when Bowie bounced onto the stage and did his turn. I also watched the BBC Radio Theatre Concert from June 27, 2000. Bowie has been with me since 1971 and is the one artist who has grown and changed as I have over the decades. I could say a lot more but I'll finish with something that I always found amusing from a BBC Radio Interview Bowie gave:
He wanted to leave New York to clean up "So where did I go? Berlin. Smack capital of Europe. And who did I take with me? IggyPop"! Classic. Oh, and I don't know the itinerary, but the V&A Bowie exhibition is an absolute must if it comes to your town.
Dave, Berlin.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I'm going to try Outside, which I've never heard today. I also have never heard Reality, which I've acquired. I'm about to get Hours, which I've also never heard.

Keep on writing all you want.

wardo said...

I wrote this, if you feel like reading it:

peabody nobis said...

Haven't listened to anyone but Bowie since Monday. Even changed the station at work to talk radio.
Too. Soon.

dogbreath said...

As I don't do Facebook & we don't receive Conan's show in our neck of the woods, a very big thank you for sharing the clip. Lovely stuff which is treasured viewing.

tinpot said...

BBJ, looking forward to your reviews of those 3 albums — which I haven't heard either. "Hours" sounds especially interesting.

ge said...

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Hectorvadair said...

Class man to share this kind of stuff. Thanks.(from France) ;-)