Saturday, January 9, 2016

Songs Of The Week, 2016: 1/2-1/8

Last Glittering Thrill-The Thousand Pities
Sinful Love- Blue Oyster Cult
Wah-Wah- George Harrison
The Sacro-Iliac- 10cc
Pie In The Sky- The Idle Race
Carey- Joni Mitchell
Throw Her Away (And Get A New One)- Sparks



Anonymous said...

nice weave....thanks

dogbreath said...

This week's tunes had me digging through the CD boxes for my 10cc, Mitchell & Sparks discs - so not all bad then!! Many thanks for the post. Cheers!

Duardo said...

I was just reading through some recent posts and happened upon the one concerning Bowie's latest release. With his passing, I wonder if it might be viewed now through a different lens.
As an aside, the very first piece of music I ever bought was the 45 of Space Oddity, at a yard sale for a nickel.