Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Because Not Everyone Reads The Comments...

 Here is a summary of The Grammys I quite like, posted by, of course, ANONYMOUS.

•I thought Alabama Shakes Don't Wanna Fight No More was a real song and a damn fine performance.

•I think Gaga shoulda forgone the Vegas Medley route and done this: 
The same Space Oddity projection FX opening, sung the shit out of a gorgeous emotional arrangement of "Heroes", then sung a restrained and beautiful Lazarus.
Mic drop.

•The Eagles and Jackson Browne did what was needed from them. It wasn't great musically, but it was the correct tribute.

•I didn't love the Hollywood Vampires set, but I kinda hope it made Justin Bieber's little group tinkle in their frilly panties a little.

•Considering the technical problems, I thought Adele handled herself well. It's not easy to sing for hundreds of millions of people with a de-tuned instrument underneath you. Many woulda walked off in tears, she went out for a burger, apparently ( her words, not mine )

•Kendrick Lamar yelled enthusiastically and convincingly over a lot of visual overkill and hubbub behind him, yet was unable to find a song in there anywhere.

Aside from that, not a lot of actual songs on display.

Look online to see it all summed up in video of the symbolic real world act of Paul McCartney being turned away with Beck from a Grammy party thrown by someone or something named Tyga. When told of the snub by his doormen, someone who apparently answers to the name Tyga was not particularly bothered. There's the Grammys 2016 in microcosm. 

I'd like to add:

After being turned away, Sir Paul looked at Beck and said, "How V.I.P. do we gotta get? We need another hit guys."

I want to know what was going on at Tyga's party that Paul McCartney chose his over all the others.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Every year I probably say the only time I watched the Grammies was to see Paul McCartney accept one on behalf of The Beatles for "Let It Be".

William Repsher said...

I'd like to know why a 73-year-old man, former Beatle or not, would want to hang around with a bunch of 50 years younger, shallow, empty-headed, talentless L.A. buffoons. Or why they would want to hang out with him. It seems like someone like McCartney, who's spent decades making music, at one time changed the world with his music, could offer nothing to people who want to be famous for doing nothing.

The bouncer did him a favor. Was probably thinking, "I don't recognize this old white dude trying to bum rush the party. He probably is somebody famous, but I can't take that chance." It would make sense that he wouldn't recognize him. Could possibly recognize him from the awful Rihanna/Kanye West song/video, but Paul probably looked a good 20 years younger in the video. He probably wouldn't recognize Chuck D. from Public Enemy either if it helps. This is a time thing more than a cultural relevance quizz for a guy with a guest list.

I'm assuming most people reading this are in the 40s/50s range. Imagine crashing a Hollywood party now, much less when you're 73. I don't have any urge to do this now; something tells me that urge will be non-existent when I'm 73. (When I'm 73 ... maybe there's a song opportunity here?)

J. Loslo said...

Did anybody else feel they might have paid a little more attention to Allen Toussaint? Seems to me he had at least as much impact on the world of popular music as Lemmy Kilmister.

Shriner said...

When I'm 73, I hope I have the energy McCartney has. I would think as a songwriter (which I'm not), you want get suck up influences from as many places as possible -- including the current crop of musicians.

Besides, I'm sure there are free drinks and lots of opportunities for fan gushing that maybe never gets old to him. Who knows?

Ken D. said...

I second the comment re Allen Toussaint above.

Shriner: Chances are McCartney hasn't paid for a drink since the Cavern Club. And security being what it is, gushing fans don't get within fifty feet of him...

& re the awards: I don't think anybody's mentioned Jason Isbell's win. I thought that was an excellent album. His second in a row.

Charlie Carr said...


M_Sharp said...

I haven’t watched much of the Grammys in years. If someone I like actually wins, it’s usually one of the awards they present before the TV show. I can watch the highlights online somewhere the next day.

It seems that this Tyga fella is some kind of rapper and also the boyfriend of a Jenner/Kardashian. I went to his site out of curiosity, and clicked on his “latest video”, and heard ‘-igga’ three times and ‘-itches’ twice in the first 30 seconds and that was it.

Here’s the video of Macca, Beck, & friends being rejected, Paul’s pretty funny.

cmealha said...

After going through the entire Bowie catalog over the last few weeks after his death, I can't overstate how abysmal I thought the Lady GaGa 'tribute' was, especially after all the good-will she garnered from what I thought was a superlative performance at the Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

yes, Charlie Carr, "de-tuned"

Not being argumentative ( any pal o Sal is a pal o mine ). It's actually the proper terminology.
I wrote the comment/post (that Sal was flatteringly kind enough to promote up to an actual posting, thanks Sal!!!!) and I do happen to tech at times for some of the bigger acts in the world.
RRHOF acts, even, at times. Sal can vouch.
"Out-of-tune" wouldn't properly connote the fact that the instrument had been actively thrown out of tune right during the performance. An instrument intentionally or unintentionally taken out of tune would be called "de-tuned"
Also, the proper adjective for Justin Bieber's panties is indeed "frilly" so, that was correct, too.

Anonymous said...

Also, yes Ken D, super happy and I should've mentioned Jason Isbell's two wins as well ( I've tuned his guitars, too, I swear) but they were not televised. If he'd performed on the telecast, he'd have been another highlight. A true songwriter and a true gentleman, at that.

peabody nobis said...

I was wondering if I was the only one left cold by Lady Gaga's "tribute" to Bowie. The video clip at the beginning was pretty cool, but the medley crap just didn't do it for me.
My biggest problem with it is that it seemed to be more about Lady Gaga than it was about David Bowie.
Also, Kendrick Lamar seems more like a performance artist than a musical act. Take it to Broadway, Mr. Lamar.
Also, too, someone should have reminded Mr. "Tyga" just how much money Paul McCartney has. It is always good to have friends in high places. With lots of money. No matter how old or white they may be...