Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Funky Wednesday

When I listen to Bernard Purdie's cover of Aretha's "Day Dreaming," part of me feels like I am on hold with American Airlines. Yet, there is something very...uh...groovy about the arrangement.  It's addicting, as is the vibe of the entire "Soul Is...Pretty Purdie," a record I hadn't heard about until my friend had been playing it in his record store while I shopped. I convinced him to sell it to me for $5.00. Apparently, this record has been a cult favorite since its release in 1972. I get it. It's been on heavy rotation since I got it home.

Get funky, people. Just don't hurt your clavicle.


Anonymous said...

favorite pretty Purdie recording - Insect Trust's album closer, "Ducks"

whattawino said...

Hey, while listening to the 2nd tune you posted, Heavy Soul Slinger, I actually felt my funky subconscious mind cross 110th Street....metaphorically speaking. Very groovy stuff, sir.

Noam Sane said...

Guess he learned something playing on those Beatles records. Thanks for the tip Sal.