Monday, May 23, 2016


The comedian Richard Lewis had a bit about Halley's Comet. He wondered why we had been pronouncing it "HAY-lee's Comet" for years and then suddenly one day, it became "HAH-lee's Comet." He also wondered if that would happen elsewhere in his life, like one day walking into his favorite pizza joint and asking for a slice of pizza with pepperoni, only to hear the clerk ask, "You mean, a sleece of pooza with pippereeni."

Well guess what? None of my links work anymore! Every Weekend Mix and SOTW link is unavailable. Why? Because the people I pay every month moved everything. Why? To make things better. Did they warn me? Sort of. They said, "We're moving everything to a new server and nothing will change." They lied.

So, here's what will happen. From here on out, all links will have no issues. But, if you decide to check out a soul mix I made in 2011 and you receive an error, leave a comment, and I will update links as needed. Updating 8 years worth of links will no doubt kill me.

Thank you.

Huff a god iffneeng.


buzzbabyjesus said...

I am archiving all my Weekend Mixes over at

kodak ghost said...

OK Very interesting to go back and see what I had skipped over in the past. Some excellent stuff here. Keep on keeping on.


"Is there anything else we can help you with today Mister Nunziato?"

This technology will be the death of us all.

dogbreath said...

Life's a (lunar)breeze, right?