Wednesday, May 4, 2016

No Words. Literally


Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

That's pretty great! I've gotta say...before stumbling on this blog some years back, I honestly never gave Ringo his due as a drummer. Though he was too "crashy" for my tastes. But a post like this, and others of yours in the past has made me appreciate just how musical his playing was. Just very, VERY, locked into supporting the song, an an integral component of the Beatles sound.



buzzbabyjesus said...

I never let anyone dis Ringo. He was entirely integral to their sound.
I always say, no great band doesn't have a great drummer. If the Beatles were the greatest band, ever, where does that leave Ringo?

cmealha said...

And that's why he's one of my favorite drummers. Peccable timing, solid and always plays the right thing

Gene Oberto said...

I immediately played the complete song after listening to this. It is amazing that the mix made this incredibly intricate playing sounded so simple. Therein may be the reason for the lack of respect that the drumming skill of Mr. Starkey receives.

bear in mind that Ringo was made the band's punchline in the movies.

It certainly was a pleasant surprise. Thanks, Sal.

Peter Ames Carlin said...

Part of why Ringo was the punchline in the movies was b/c he was the best actor and could pull off comic dialogue way better than the other guys.

A genius drummer too. Of course.

allen vella said...

listen to that snare!!!!!!!