Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Best Jeff Lynne Song Not On A Move Record

The Move catalogue has once again been remastered and reissued on compact disc. And though I have completely given up buying CDs, I will always be a sucker for a few artists and The Move is one of them. So I did it. I bought them all again. Everything sounds great, though not really sure I hear a difference between the new set and the most recent set before this set. I mainly grabbed everything for the officially released bonus material, most of which is from the BBC. And really, I would have paid the same amount for just one song and that is the lost Jeff Lynne gem that is above.

"Falling Forever" never made to "Looking On." It should have. It would have been the best thing on it.


buzzbabyjesus said...

I found The Move buying "Split Ends" unheard based on the liners by a writer I was familiar with. It's essentially a belated US release of "Message From The Country" minus a couple songs replaced by stuff they were recording as they morphed into ELO. "Ben Crawley", and "My Marge" out, "Do Ya", "Down On The Bay", and "California Man" in.

In 1973, finding Move records in SoCal was problematic. "Shazam!" and a "Best Of" was all I could find, until an import of "Looking On" turned up.
"Falling Forever" would have helped dull my disapointment in how murky and dark it sounded compared to "Shazam". I am listening to the 2008 "When Alice Comes Comes Back To The Farm", and while a lot of mud has been scooped out, it's still a little dark. And the whole cello- ELO bits in it sound half-baked. I expected more from this lineup after knowing "Do Ya", "Down On The Bay", and "Califonia Man". And that first ELO.
I blame Roy for the sound as it's similarly bad on "Wizzard's Brew".

I'll download it if I see it somewhere, but I can't keep buying the same albums again and again. I've already bought too many of Elvis "Sun Sessions", for instance, and don't get me started on the other Elvis.

whattawino said...

Diggin' the tune and totally agree with John Mendelsohn's quote at the end. Thanks, Sal.

cmealha said...

Great find. Love it. Is this the recording from the CD or is there a 'clean' one?

ken49 said...

I too am a big fan of The Move. Their 60's stuff was unheard even on the FM stations in San Fran. It was Shazam that grabbed me and is still my favorite. Split Ends was also a great find as described above.

Oldramon said...

Fantastic track...

I disagree slightly about 'Looking On', which in many ways I prefer to 'Shazam' ('When Alice Comes Back to the Farm' is a particular favourite). Roy Wood did get carried away sometimes in the studio, but his cheap Chinese cello did help to give those records a unique sound. He is a hugely underrated talent.