Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekend Mix: Turn Right At Oz

Right hand drive with a manual transmission, BTW.

I worked for 20 yeares and 10 days at The American Museum Of Natural History in NYC.
For most of them part of my job was travelling with exhibits as a human owner's manual.
While that means I spent more time than anyone should in Houston, I also went to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

I went there in August 2005, which is winter in the southern hemisphere. I insisted on bringing a surfboard anyway, even though the water temp was 50 degrees, which is really cold.
I negotiated to stay on for an extra week.

I led a team of 4 co-workers. I made this mix for everybody as sort of introduction.
One of them also stayed on, but he explored the south island, where his rented car received no radio signals. He later said my mix saved his sanity.

My contact in New Zealand had a cousin running Escape Campervans NZ. All of which  are painted by local artists. They decided I was the right guy for the "Pimpmobile".
I lived in it while criss-crossing the North Island.
I'd done my research and had a list of surf spots.
I'd drive through largely empty landscapes full of sheep. The exit would often be a 25 kilometer dirt road to a wild and utterly empty coast.
I'd see big waves breaking way out there, and decide it prudent not going into the cold, unfamilar water where no one knew who I was, and my research indicated I should watch for sharks.

I first became aware of New Zealand through Split Enz. "Mental Notes", produced by Phil Manzanera in 1976, really blew my mind. By the time they became popular, co-founder Phil Judd, had beem replaced by Neil Finn, brother of Tim. Their music became more accessible, and to my ears much less interesting.
That's probably why I never got into Crowded House.
I have "Woodface", and it didn't fit here.

The Tall Dwarfs, The Clean, The Chills, and The Straight Jacket Fits are spikier, but no less melodic.

The Tall Dwarfs, a duo from Dunedin, south island, are likely the inspiration for "Flight Of The Conchords".

My left foot is pointing at the Tasman Sea, while my right is pointing at The Pacific Ocean.


Turn Right At Oz

Turn Right Here, Too


Dr Wu said...

Stoked about this mix! Thanks again BBJ for another stellar compilation!

Anonymous said...

Drat! Permission is currently denied by mediafire.

buzzbabyjesus said...
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buzzbabyjesus said...

I hate when that happens. I just added Zippyshare. Enjoy!

The only thing I like about Mediafire is that i can tell how many downloads.

Anonymous said...

I love this part of the musical world. Since Flying Nun Records slowed their roll, it seems to get less exposure. I was happy that the Chills finally had a new release the past year. Others still releasing are the refugees from The Jean Paul Sartre Experience (Stereo Bus and David Mulcahy's projects), Bailter Space (guitar drone from ex-Gordons), David Kilgour (from The Clean) and, every few years, The Bats.

Anonymous said...

I had a radio show in 1994 at my college and did a show dedicated to NZ and Aussie bands, of which the Clean is my favorite (I woulda put the live version of "At The Bottom" on a comp, for its compulsive and relentless build and release of tension From NZ, I played 3Ds, Chills, Clean (and various solo forays), Bats, Straitjacket Fits, Bailter Space. So much good music from such a small place.
C in California

Unknown said...

WOW! THANK YOU FOR THIS. As an elderly ex-pat NZer (living in NY) I didn't kept up with my homeland's music as much as I should have. This will fill some gaps for me. (I agree with you about Split Enz post-Phil Judd).
Still lots of good music coming out of NZ: Phoenix Foundation, Lawrence Arabia, Tiny Ruins, Marlon Williams, Aldous Harding, Lorde, Naked and Famous, Gin Wigmore, LadyHawke, Kimbra, Connan Mockasin, Broods, Nadia Reid, The Eastern and MANY more I'm too senile and drunk to remember.
Many of these aren't to my taste or yours I suspect: too synthetic. But there's some great rootsy stuff you should enjoy. And I'm sure Marlon Williams (currently touring the US) is going to be HUGE. Think a Steve Earle/Chris Whitley hybrid with the voice of Jeff Buckley.
So thanks again, off to download this ASAP.

Unknown said...

PS: your left foot is pointing at the Tasman Sea, not the Indian Ocean.

buzzbabyjesus said...

There are more "down under" and or kiwi mixes ahead. Can you say "Daddy Cool? Birthday Party?
Zoot? Laughing Clowns? Scientists? Saints?

buzzbabyjesus said...

The Tasman Sea it is. Corrected. Thanks.

A walk in the woods said...

Cool story - and wow, what a job to have. Looks like a great mix.

dogbreath said...

Looking forward to this Down Under musical foray. Thanks for the mix and great artwork this time too!