Friday, November 11, 2016


"This album was originally conceived as the third part of an MOR trilogy with Daryl Hall's solo album, "Sacred Songs" and Peter Gabriel II, both of which I produced and to which I contributed. With the non-release of "Sacred Songs" and the delay by dinosaurs of this album, it is impossible to convey the sense which I had intended."

This is the first paragraph of notes written by Robert Fripp for the inner sleeve of his 1979 solo album "Exposure." Since then, Daryl Hall's "Sacred Songs" was not only released, but became a cult classic, as did "Exposure." Oddly enough, the one album to get a normal release, was the Peter Gabriel record, which is arguably his weakest work.

Since many of the players are the same on all three records, I thought I'd put together a vision of what one solid record might have sounded like, using tracks from the trilogy. I've listed only song titles, leaving out the records from which they came, hoping to create the illusion that this really is one record.


You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette
North Star
Something In 4/4 Time
Babs And Babs
White Shadow
Why Was It So Easy
Here Comes The Flood
Don't Leave Me Alone With Her



buzzbabyjesus said...

I'll give it a shot.

I've almost never hated a record by an artist I admired more than "Exposure". I didn't "get" it at all.

I've never heard "Sacred Songs", although it's in my hard drive, and I didn't buy any Peter Gabriel albums after the first one.

However, I like your concept. It looks like it will work. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! I love it! Once again you bring something great to this screwed up world we are stuck in. Thank You!

dogbreath said...

Interesting concept. I like it. Took to Gabriel's early albums like a duck to water; heard some of Hall's album because Caleb Quaye (he of Hookfoot) played guitar on it; and didn't catch any of the Frippery stuff. I know Fripp pops up all over the place on all three albums but I don't think there's any crossover between Hall & Gabriel on their respective ones - which is probably not the point of this mix anyway, is it. (No, it isn't - Ed). Many thanks for what will be the soundtrack to my car journey home tonight. Cheers!

Bulletins From Mars Hill said...

Good to have you back Sal

Bombshelter Slim said...

Not sure if I agree about Gabriel II, but I loved Exposure and thanks to this I'm revisiting Sacred Songs which I REALLY loved (and I didn't like H&O much at the time).
Great mix. It could have included some tunes from the Roches!!

buzzbabyjesus said...

Totally fun since I'm pretty unfamiliar with, or haven't heard in a long time, any of this material.

It's funny he set out to make a MOR trilogy. MOR is often not a term of endearment, but rather where washed up rockers go when they have lost their bearings and listen to the suits.