Thursday, November 17, 2016

Happy Thursday


dogbreath said...

Works for me. I'll be copying Louis Prima's dance moves for the office Xmas party. Cheers!

buzzbabyjesus said...

Wow. I remember when I wouldn't have given this the time of day. Thankfully I grew up some, 'cos, man, this swings like a motherfucker.

It reminds me of a time before smart phones and the internet, when you had time to learn an instrument instead of being a data entry programmer with a laptop, and people went to night clubs for entertainment instead of chilling at home with Netflix.

I don't see any of that coming back. Likely not part of the plan for "Making America Great Again"

Anonymous said...

Prima's "Call of the Wildest" album was fave in our house when I was growing up. Out of print now but some of the best songs are on the "Collector's Series" CD. Louis was a crazy cat.

M_Sharp said...