Friday, December 23, 2016

"Oy To The World": Your Annual Non-Traditional Holiday Mix

With a little over a week to go in the year of our devil, 2016, one must wonder just what the hell else could go wrong? The possibilities are endless. You could be a world class optimist and still admit that this year was the pits. Even my good friend BBJ seemed to be a bit down and he's never been one to take shit. But he did empathize with me.

 "I know how you felt last year when you quit the Weekend Mixes. It's a lot of work. I've got about 500 downloads and about 10 comments and/or thank yous."

You think you've got it bad, BBJ? My best, old ex-friend "the troll," anonymously suggested I put a bullet in my head if I thought 2016 was so bad. Jeez! I feel just like George Bailey.

But I digress.

BBJ is taking a well-deserved breather from his stellar work. Thanks for stepping up. I hope your retirement is brief. Don't let the Woodsters get you down. I've decided to give it another go with this non-traditional, mostly hopeful collection of tunes that just might work for Christmas, if you've got an open mind and a patient family.

Merry Christmas to all you fine people. Thanks for all the support. Health and happiness, one thousand times over to all of you. You too, troll. You need it as much as I do. Who are you kidding?


Every Kinda People- Robert Palmer
Put The Message In The Box- World Party
North Star- Robert Fripp/Daryl Hall
Up On The Roof- Laura Nyro
The Little Drummer Boy- The Fab Four
Sunset & The Mockingbird- Duke Ellington
Life Is Beautiful- Ryan Adams
Heroes & Villains- Geraint Watkins
Do You Hear What I Hear?- Spiraling
Lovely- Maurice Brown
Low Expectations- The Rails
Got To Be Some Changes Made- The Staple Singers
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear- The Fab Four
Everyday is Christmas- SWAG
Peace In Our Time- Elvis Costello
All Things Must Pass- George Harrison
Old Fashioned Christmas- Duke Pearson
Heroes- David Bowie
American Tune- Allen Toussaint
No More Sad Refrains- Sandy Denny



buzzbabyjesus said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for the kind words. 2017 will probably be entertaining at least. In a dread filled "Breaking Bad" kind of way.

J. Loslo said...

Thanks, Sal, and thanks to BBJ. I confess I take most of the weekend mixes & I don't stop in to express my gratitude as often as I should. Musta been brought up wrong.

Merry Christmas!

J. Loslo

tinpot said...

Yes. What J. Loslo said.
BBJ, I just listened to your Elvis C comp I downloaded about a month ago. It was great! Thank you. I think I put off listening because I expected to be disappointed...should have known better.
Happy Holidays to all. Next year's gotta be better. Right?

Karl Harden said...

You surprise me regularly with deep cuts of goodness to do that takes *a lot of effort* for which I am ever thankful ... I am an opinionated a-hole and I don't like conflict so I rarely post

But today I want to tell you thank you for your 2016 efforts, happy holidays may the elves lay broadswords upon your hearth and fix your shoes

rick elson said...

All Things Must Pass suddenly sounds like an anthem of hope! This too shall pass, and maybe a giant meteor will bring us all sweet the meantime, kvetching feels therapeutic; so too does music. Thanks, Sal, and hang in there.

David said...

love your site. feel fortunate to have found you. appreciate your words and the music you share. merry happy holidays to you and yours. all the best to us all in 2017, dave in san francisco

buzzbabyjesus said...

Excellent looking mix, BTW.

Dayn McBee said...

Ditto on what J Loslo and tinpot said. Love your site Sal and appreciate the insights and posts you and BBJ provide. Merry Christmas and let's all hope for a great 2017 (or at least something much better than 2016)!

Keith W said...

Sal, Merry Christmas to you and yours - all the effort you and BBJ put in is much appreciated by me , the others who have commented here and no doubt thousands of others who silently haunt your blog. Your comment and insight into matters musical that I cannot articulate strike a chord with me ( apologies for the dreadful pun) so (for me) its not just a question of downloading and running off. I'll do my best to contribute in 2017

ken49 said...

What a great mix to end the year with!! I really appreciate all who keep this forum active and alive.

kodak ghost said...

I don't often contribute to the comments Section because I never feel I have much to add. However, a big thankyou to yourself and BBJ for some inspiring music that has got me through a tough year - and now George Michaell and Rick Parfitt... they may not be your cup of tea, but Michael was more than than simple tales of lust and longing - they were the soundtrack to many lives.

Lets hope for some music in 2017 that can stir this old soul! Thanks again.


This mix was the soundtrack to my very lazy Boxing Day - wonderful! Thanks Sal.

And thanks for the joy this effort brings to our band of sisters and brothers all through the year.

Happy holidays to all!

dogbreath said...

Unable to comment for a while as the "Name/URL" or "Anonymous" option wasn't available so I'm glad to see the choice back again. Brilliant year end mix, many thanks, and hope you had a super Christmastime. Cheers!