Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekend Mix: Radio Somewhere

Sal's title and mix.

In an email I told him I'd received Bruce's bio, "Born To Run," during the Solstistic festivities.

I admitted that the only Springsteen album I ever bought and played more than once is "Born To Run". I have a largely unheard yardsale copy of "The River".

I bought "Born To Run" when it came out because of the hype, and that's probably why I resisted loving it. Maybe it was an east/west coast thing.  I didn't "get" Hall and Oates either.
The title, "Tenth Ave Freeze Out" and "She's The One" are the songs I remember.

A friend had an extra ticket, so I went to see "The River" tour October 30th 1980, at the LA Sports Arena. Our seats were about 10 rows up behind the stage, a little left of center. It was almost like being in the band, looking out at the crowd. Bruce masterfully played the whole room, and made a point of making sure I witnessed all his solos. He can really play guitar.
One of the best shows I've ever seen. Sitting behind Max was amazing. They played for hours.
I didn't know most of the songs, but I was totally into it.

My admission was an invitation for dialogue. I figured I'd get schooled by an expert.

Sal gave some advice and made me a mix.

I know "Wrecking Ball came out this century, and "Girls In Their Summer Clothes" was a free download on iTunes in 2006, otherwise I have no idea which albums they are from.

Sal's email:

"So many are always clamoring about Brendan O'Brien's production on the last four Bruce records, as if he told Bruce, "This is the way it is and nothing you say will change my mind." I am sure Bruce was responsible for plenty of what made the final cuts. I don't hear a problem, other than the records don't sound like old Bruce records, which probably doesn't sit well with older fans, who think his last good record was "Darkness On The Edge Of Town."
I also think people had a hard time with Bruce trying to make pop music. But not me. I love these records for that very reason. They are filled with great pop songs, as well as some of the thinking man's Bruce tunes, just to keep things honest.
This is a compilation I put together from those records. You can decide if and when you'd like to go in. You may not want to at all."

I'm the guy who thinks the Stones last good one was "Exile", so I get the "Darkness" thing.

I jumped in feet first and was immediately struck by how good the songs are, and the attention to detail in the craft. So full of spirit. Obviously everyone involved gives a shit. According to "Born To Run", Bruce is always fully engaged. I hear that.

All the qualities missing from "A Bigger Bang" for instance.

It's a great mix so I wanted to share it.

I decided not to do any research and let these songs just hang together. I don't know which albums they come from, or when. I'm guessing, based on Sal's email, it's all the last four, late model, 21st century issue.

If any newbie's came along with material this strong we'd all be going nuts over it.


Radio Somewhere

Time to dig out that copy of "The River". And then, of course there's "The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle". My work is cut out for me.


Troy said...

That's a pretty good mix of Bruce's recent albums. I'd probably swap out a song or two if I was making my own mix, but these are good. And at least it doesn't have "Outlaw Pete".

For those of you who don't have Bruce's more recent stuff, check this out. And then just go buy the 'Magic' album.

rick said...

Radio Free Astoria


I'm not sure if I'm thanking BBJ or Sal but ... Thank You!

I know all these songs yet I really appreciate having them presented in new context -- let's me enjoy / appreciate them all anew.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Huh, Sam Moore sang at the Trump gala...pretty good stuff...he must be senile huh?

...and, do we now hate Sam Moore? Hmmmmmmmmmmm? or do we respect a difference of opinion...?

Sal Nunziato said...

I'm sorry. Did I miss a meeting? Was this post about Sam Moore and Donald Trump?

buzzbabyjesus said...

That comment by brave Anonymous has me confused as well.

RhodB said...

Thank you for the Bruce share. I remember when born to run came out and it was an album that got high rotation at a holiday resort in Victoria Aust - Port Campbell

I played it so much the people booed when i TRIED TO PLAY ANOTHER TRACK


Michael Giltz said...

BBJ, a question: people always say that if you see Springsteen in concert you'll be a fan. I get resisting the hype of "Born To Run." I know the sprawling album "The River" is a lot to take in. But if you saw him in 1980 and it was one of the best shows you ever saw, why didn't you go home and dive into The River and Born To Run and The Wild, The Innocent (which I'm crazy about, especially when driving on the highway) and on and on as a fan for life? Really just curious; it usually takes 36 minutes after a show for converts to dig the albums, not 36 years. Did you ever see him in concert again? Did something else happen? Did Dylan tell you Springsteen was a hack? Did your girlfriend prefer Tom Petty?

Sal, Bruce is always in charge so I don't blame Brendan for the weirdly bad recording of Springsteen's vocals or Tom Morello for his godawful soloing on so many songs. I most definitely blame Bruce for using them and signing off on those ill-judged choices. The songs themselves are mostly strong which makes it all the more frustrating.