Monday, January 29, 2018

Hot Leg, Where Have You Been?

Actually, where have I been? Hot Leg, side project of The Darkness front man Justin Hawkins, released their one and only record, "Red Light Fever" in 2009 and I only just heard it this weekend. And man oh man, it is right in my late 70's wheelhouse, just like The Darkness.

We need more hard rock bands that
a) don't take themselves too seriously
b) can sing well
c) can play well
d) will continue to cater to all my nostalgic, hard rock, glam and heavy metal needs

(And when you're through here, take a look at my new post over at Definitive Vinyl.)


buzzbabyjesus said...

You are looking for unicorns. Hot Leg does sound good, however.

Shriner said...

"Stone Gods" is a decent Darkness side project, but not as good as "Hot Leg", IMO

Anonymous said...

Definitely something going on with late 70's rock nostalgia. I was in a store this weekend that usually asks less than $10 for used metal from that period, but they were asking $40 apiece for Budgie's "Bandolier" and "Impeckable."

Shriner said...

No annual Grammy post while it's still fresh in our minds? ;-)

dogbreath said...

I'm with you on all of your four points, Mr N. The Darkness are the dog's bollocks and Hot Leg was a bit of a proving ground for what was to come. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Excellent stuff!

M_Sharp said...

Good post, good band, thanks!