Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Squeeze doing The Velvet Underground covering a song from "Transformer" is what I have for a Wednesday morning.

What have you got?


buzzbabyjesus said...

I've never been a Squeeze, fan, although I respect them and like a handful of songs.
Maybe it's because they are a little too "writery" for me.
I have the same problem with Elvis Costello.
I love Hangin "Round, however. It's straight up Velvets, no Transformers in sight, but an outtake from the "Couch", or one of the songs recorded between that and "Loaded" that make up "Another View".

I've got this song by The Bogues, a nobody group from Atlanta whose CD ended up in the crates at NYCD. "My Name Is Lou" captures perfectly his later period, when he started to believe he was really a poet, and wrote some really cringe worthy, awkward lyrics. I'm thinking "New York".

I've shared it before. It's a loving, hysterical homage and parody.

Bill said...

I love all four covers on the deluxe version of Cradle to the Grave. They picked good songs that don't really get covered that often.

I've been on a Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott tear this week. It's great to hear that Beautiful South sound again.

Anonymous said...

couldn't be any more Velvet-y. whenever I hear someone embrace their inner VU, I'm reminded of an old double interview of Luna and Yo La Tengo in which Luna acknowledged o yeah everything we do is based on the Velvets (of course) and Yo La Tengo were like Velvet who? (wankers)

I finally bought a post-"Steve McQueen" Prefab Sprout album, "Jordan the Comeback." It wasn't much of a risk - 2.97 for a used cd. I've always thought their post-SMcQ work missed that something something, but it's growing on me.

Dr Wu said...

Always thrilled to hear someone praise The Beautiful South!
Sidenote: enjoying your new vinyl blog. Thanks for all you do, Sal.

M_Sharp said...

It's Thursday morning, I can't go to work because of the Eagles parade, so I have Deke Dickerson writing a fine piece on Link Wray being ignored again by the Rock 'n Roll HOF, with a great video you've probably seen of Jimmy Page playing air guitar. Deke's worth checking out if you're into the rockabilly/surf/Les Paul/hot rod thing.