Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Over the last few hours, a dozen or so friends have reached out to me, wanting to know what happened. These are friends of mine. People I respect. People who respect me. For them, and for the innocent people who have been nothing but supportive, I will explain in the best way possible and it will save me a dozen or more e-mails.

This place has become more than a blog. I can tell you things about people I have never met. I know Shriner's favorite record is "Get The Knack," for example. Troy loves New Orleans. This is not your average blog. So, it shouldn't surprise anyone who matters, when I lose my grip over either a lack of activity, or worse, a lack of respect. I feel like I know many of you, and to see activity drop so drastically, is incredibly disappointing.

This isn't about disagreeing. It's about how you disagree. Many of you have teased me about Todd Rundgren, but you don't mock me. Many of you don't like Queen or Bowie, but you don't take cheap shots every time I post about them. I welcome discussion, but that seems to have disappeared, as well. Weekend Mixes take time. Hundreds download. Three say something.

Think of it this way- you're an artist, you play to almost empty houses every night, and once in a while, you play to a packed house. You're encouraged, so you keep singing.  I am not only playing to an empty house more regularly, but the few people who do show up, can't even bother to applaud. Let's not even go into the sociopaths who troll me anonymously. You can all say, "Don't let the bastards get you down!" But I wonder how you would feel, if people you know and trusted, take cheap shots, or betray your trust. Or worse, people who tell you they know you, but won't identify themselves. This isn't a fucking game.

I am tired of it.

I make nothing here. Not a cent. I do it because I can't help it. The second after this morning's post, a song popped in my head and my first thought was to share it. I do that on Facebook a lot. Two people will like it. 78 people loved it when there was a bug in my Greek salad. (See what you're missing on Facebook?)

I am not doing this for attention.  But really, all of you who are going to miss this, where have you been? When was the last time you commented or joined in? I know this isn't school. There is no obligation. Doesn't make it any more fun on this end.

There are a lot of blogs out there and most of the time, I don't like the music they share or write about. But I don't use my pages to trash them.

That's it. Now you can all have a field day with how sensitive I am, or how I should calm down and not overreact. That's always a good way to handle things.


JWDen said...

I absolutely agree. I have a blog as well, and it kills me when I take a week to read a book, another two days to write the review, then I post it and advertise that post on Facebook or Twitter and get two comments, if any. Sometimes, they're even from the author. It's annoying and disheartening. I do read your blog (and Definitive Vinyl), but I don't say much because in most cases, I agree wholeheartedly with what you say and figure you don't want someone to just agree with you. That's wrong of me. Everyone needs support even if it's just a "right on." So, Sal - right on. You're appreciated.

Sal Nunziato said...

JWDen--thank you.

Definitive Vinyl is history. That was crapped on from day one.

Cow said...

Really sorry that I stumbled in so late in the game -- I enjoyed our discussion in the comments last night, and was looking forward to more. Wishing you well.

Troy said...

I don't always get to check in here but when I do, I find some of the best dialogue about music. I thought you had several posts in the last few weeks that got a good amount of response. Not sure if there was a lot of stupid/abuse in them, but I'm sorry to see you frustrated to the point of shutting down the blog. Hope you either have a change of heart or find another method of engaging in music discussions with like minded fanatics. Especially because you do it because you're passionate about it; I get that. If this is the end, hopefully we'll meet you further on up the road.

Tumblingdice70 said...

Sal, I check out your blog every day and I apologize I haven't commented more. Your contributions are appreciated and valued, and you have led me down many great paths of music that have made a difference in my life, from Tim Christensen to Chuck Prophet to your post last week on Judas Priest, which was great fun. Thank you.


P.S. I still can't connect with Todd Rundgren. I've tried, the New Cars is the closest I've come, which probably tells you all you need to know!

cjbennett said...

I check your blogs most days and sometimes comment , though mostly anonymously, until recently. This is my favorite blog. I don't always agree with everything, but I have been turned on to some great music through the discussions and posts. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am the "anon" that often disagrees but, never puts you down...I've written maybe 4 times in 3 years...

You make it sound like I'm the only "anon" out there and that's bullshit.

There are plenty "anons" out there.

So, you go fuck yourself...don't lay it off on some of us.

I don't troll...I don't comment because if I have nothing to say......?

I'm sure you're a great guy...misguided a bit musically (see, I'm pulling your chain) but, I like you.


steve simels said...

Dude -- I sincerely hope that my dumb snarking about your vinyl blog didn't have anything to do with this. If it did, I'm profoundly sorry. You're one of my heroes, and have been since the NYCD days.

Drew said...

I've read your blog regularly over the past couple of years and picked on some great listens in that time. Apologies if I've never posted a comment but I'm not that kind of guy. My advice is don't fly too close to social media and remember - sometimes right, sometimes wrong but always certain.

Shriner said...

And, yes, my favorite album is "Get The Knack". Sal is right on about that. :-)

ONE TWO THREE FOUR! Just the mention of it wants me to play it again. I love that album like few others. Everything about it is perfect.

(Sorry, got carried away there...)

Truthfully, I was surprised when you reposted that thing about the Dolls/Willy DeVille yesterday. That didn't go over well the first time you did it, right? Or was that making the point?

But I always thought -- like you said -- bloggers did it because they can't help themselves. I have a Tumblr account and I've maybe been inspired to actually share some thoughts with the Internet maybe 2-3 times (and none of them were about "Get The Knack". It takes time and devotion and chutzpah -- all of which you have more than (most of) the rest of us. You do you, man. I'll keep checking here daily, regardless, and commenting when I have something to add.

And on music topics, man that new Chris Price record is great. "Dalmatian" is sooo much better than "Stop Talking" to these ears I couldn't believe it was from the same set of sessions to pick from.

George said...

You're right, Sal--I, for one, plead guilty to rarely commenting (publicly anyway, this particular comment notwithstanding), but that says more about me than it does about you. You've been doing high-quality, wise and funny work with BW for a long time, and you have (and will always have) a lot of fans. Even if too many of them are too quiet.

J. Loslo said...

Thanks, Sal, for the musical education I've received from this blog. I've stopped by to say thanks now and again, but not as often as I could have. Take care.

Sal Nunziato said...

There was nothing wrong with the Willy/Thunders post. I reposted it because I was interested and thought others might have some insight, like Cow did last night. I shouldn't have removed it in the first place. I mean, who the fuck is Willy DeVille that he can't be spoken about like any other deceased junkie musician, or a live healthy one for that matter. But being on the receiving end of sociopathic behavior is not fun and not worth a few tidbits on Mink DeVille.

Sal Nunziato said...

And apologies for that last bit about Willy. That could have been spewed at anyone. No disrespect intended.

Jeff in Denton TX said...

Thanks for all the great music and conversations, Sal. Too bad the trolls can't get that this was supposed to be FUN. I'm sorry that too many asshole commenters sucked the joy out of this for you. I'll miss the blog, but will be happy to share music and crusty opinions via FB. I've been introduced to a ton of great music here and for that I'm eternally thankful to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sal:
I just read your decision to pull the plug on the blog.
I learned a lot about music I thought I already knew from your personal insights.
I didn't join in too much, but that's just my nature.
Even though I don't blog, I can see your point.
No one comments until you threaten to shut down and then after a few days it's
back to where it was. Why piss in the wind?

I like to hear people give logical explanations for why they like or dislike something without worrying
whether the other person will be offended. I think it used to be called intelligent adult conversation.

I hope you and I can continue our business relationship as well as a musical one.
To me music isn't just musical wallpaper.

Guess I gotta stay on Facebook.

Keep in touch,

softshoebanana said...

Hey Sal, anyone who loves Queen II as much as you do, I've always loved it since I first heard it in 1975, is alright (coming from a Scotsman that's a compliment of the highest order).
Whatever you find yourself up to in the future Rock On Brother.

kodak ghost said...

I check you out a couple of times a week, and always enjoy the conversation. My musical tastes are different to yours (ie I do not appreciate heavy rock) so I feel have little knowledgeable to add, but I enjoy reading about and chatting to people who are enthusiastic about music and musicality, and might lead me to pastures new. Your blog has done that on several occasions. I only DL the weekend mix when I can relate to it, then it goes on the iPod (remember those!) and gets constant play while I am out and about, doing the cooking etc. I then weed out tracks I don't enjoy! For instance early collections when you had been to New Orleans have stayed intact. So your eclectic tastes have been an constant enjoyment. Go safely. I have to go now 'cos "Me Donkey want Water"

dogbreath said...

Blimey! I disappear for a couple of days to celebrate a birthday and come back to find this. WTF happened? I'm pretty thick-skinned but maybe the hooligans and vandals would wear me down too. It'd be a crying shame to let the vandals win. And I have cried and laughed over your blog. I've nodded my head in agreement and shaken it in disbelief at times too. But it's all been good stuff, Mr N. Not to mention the most important thing for me: the cornucopia of fine music you've brought to my attention and which would have bypassed me otherwise. If you do ride off into the sunset on this one and start afresh in pastures new (enough of the cowboy analogies already - Ed) I hope you'll send me a postcard so I find out where it is.

Barry Eisenberg said...

I apologize, really.

Paul Sunset Park said...

Long live Sal and this blog.There are many of us who read this blog every day and not enough of us who give the man his props.He has turned us all on to some obscurities and opened our eyes to some music that was sitting in plain sight but ignored. Everyone has an opinion and nobody agrees with anybody 100 percent of the time.
Here's a cheer for Sal N. and a rasberry for the trolls.A round of applause for those who graduated from Titus Oaks,NYCD ( or any local record store )to Burning Wood .
Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right......Right?
All the best Salvatore!

Anonymous said...

A day in the life..... plough through the endless email requests...fill the orders.... in between see whats happening on Burning wood
always interesting, never boring. Some great music uncovered.....some reminders of years gone past... some flashes of concerts seen...Sal don't give up something you love doing, soon you may not be able to do it and you will miss it.
Have good health
enjoy life
keep spinning great discs
Perth Australia
.... been coming here for years...... too shy to comment

DaveF said...

Hi Sal
Really sorry to hear you are leaving. I have gained more insight into broadening my musical horizons from you than anyone else on the planet. Tim Christensen but one shining example of music I was turned onto by reading your blog. I hope you can accept my apology for not commenting more. I figured if I didn't have something thoughtful or insightful to lend then better to just be polite. Your blog is the one place on the web where I come to everyday to be challenged; to learn; to enjoy. I'm sad you're leaving but have incredibly appreciated everything you have shared with us throughout the years. It feels like I'm losing a friend but I sincerely wish you all the very best.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Howdy. Just wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I have enjoyed this blog since I discovered it years ago. And to share this....I tend not to comment on things/artists I’m not already familiar with, but I read you almost every day.

Last couple of years I’ve been fairly obsessed with classical music, so let me give you a musical prescription. Chopin’s Nocturnes by a Czech pianist named Ivan Moravec. He was known as a pianist’s pianist. Here’s the album review from Allmusic...

“Ivan Moravec was incapable of playing a note, any note, that was anything less than beautiful -- not just superficially beautiful but truly beautiful, bone deep, soul deep, "truth is beauty and beauty truth" beautiful. And when he strings each note, each lustrous pearl of a note, into phrases which sing and sigh and cry, each phrase becomes more beautiful even than each individual note. And when each phrase is joined in bliss with harmony, and then form, and then into a single luminous whole, then each work becomes an act of love and, not incidentally, as perfect a recording of a Chopin Nocturne as we are likely to hear in this world or the next...No one has ever done it better.
This disc is urgently recommended to piano lovers, Chopin lovers, and Romantic lovers in both senses of the word.”

My sentiments exactly. Know what’s hysterical? They only gave it four stars out of five.


bing stills said...

Sorry to hear you are folding up your tent, Sal. You have provided some terrific insights and musical experiences that have broadened my horizons and taste. The silent majority of followers appreciate all your time and hard work and should have been more vocal about it, I guess. Our loss. Just because no one says anything doesn't mean their not listening. I will miss your weekend mixes and hope you find some time to enjoy life a bit. Peace.

terryfh said...

So sad to see you go. Burning Wood has become part of my musical journey over the years and though I rarely commented I will miss your pieces. I may not always agree with you but shit the world would be a boring place if we all agreed on everything and sometimes disagreement leads to new doors opening.
I tend to view websites as a book or newspaper we may never comment but still continue to enjoy and if at some stage we run into the author we will personally thank them. I only tend to comment when I thank people for things I download and that is not often but I will miss your site friend and wish you well in whatever you do. You have inspired me over the years and hopefully both our journeys will continue for a long time hence.
Good luck and I hope we meet again at some point in the future.



Anonymous said...


Though I knew Cheap Trick from before, I did not really know them. Then you mentioned Mandocello and when I heard it, it blew my mind. It could have taken for me much longer to discover this gem, in the best case, if not for you.

Then, a big respect for Cheap Trick started growing on me. Just to give an example of how much your blog means to me.

It is getting to the office, preparing a cup of coffee, opening the NYT site and just after, your great blog.

You will be very much missed. Hopefully you will reconsider as you are highly appreciated by many of us.


Jobe said...

There is nothing anyone can say or do to change your mind. About all we can do is tell you how much you will be missed. I, to this day still HATE BILLY JOEL but I was truly taken aback by how similar your taste in music was the same as mine. Over at the site I post at if I get three comments for a post that generates 800-1000 downloads I feel somewhat compensated, with the key word here being somewhat. I loved Todd R at one time with "A WIZARD A TRUE STAR" and "TODD" being two of the greatest lp's ever released and I know your post has nothing to do with your love of Todd. After I hit publish I'm sure there is going to be that "Oh I should have written about this or I should have said that." But Sal, in closing your blog I must let you know "my thoughts" that for those of us that do run music blogs I feel that we do keep the spirit of R&R alive and you are one that truly does make it worthwhile. I will keep this blogsite in my favorites and occasionally check in with you to see if the love for doing this kind of thing comes back.

Best Wishes

kevin m said...

Sal -All good things come to an end. I understand your point on closing down the shop. That said; I will miss coming here for some interesting discussions on music and let's face it; you are a great writer! I'd much rather read your take on yet another Todd R piece than whatever drivel passes for music writing over at Rolling Stone these days.

Lay low and get some rest. Hopefully your writing will return in some other form and if so, I look forward to enjoying that.

In the meantime, thanks for the years of effort you put into Burning Wood.

Anonymous said...

I understand the desire, need, etc. for comments and feedback when doing a daily blog - it's a lot of work. It's obvious though that even if you post something and get no replies, a lot of folks are viewing. Randy

Sal Nunziato said...

Actually, not so obvious. The stats, if you can believe them, show about 20K page views in November of 2017, 20K in December, 16K in January and 12K last month. Halfway through March and it is at 3K.

Bill said...

That's a very weird drop-off. Maybe the Russian bots have turned their attention elsewhere? :)

Burning Wood is a daily visit for me, and if I've commented on a posting I usually check in a couple of times a day to see if anyone else has commented. I enjoy reading about things I like and things I don't like, and love when you put out a topic for discussion like last week's one about music you used to love that you hate now (the Doors for me). I often comment on posts a day or two after they're up, because I usually have to think a little bit before I respond. And of course by then the conversation has moved on.

If this is goodbye, thanks for everything Sal. I know it's a challenge to put up as much content as you do. But definitely get the need to do it. I was recently watching the Jerry Seinfeld show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and I think it was Steve Martin who was asking Jerry why he keeps doing standup, since he certainly has more money than he would ever need and doesn't need to prove anything. Jerry's answer? Because I have to. That's who I am.

Good luck!


Shriner said...

I'd be curious if site viewership rises and falls in the same months on a consistent basis on a year-by-year comparison.

Maybe DST throws everybody in a loop in March. NCAA Basketball? No super-famous musician died in 2018 yet (RIP Nokie! The Ventures were one of the bands that made me pick up a guitar!) The lack of any solid exciting new releases in the first 2 months of the year? (Hey, that new Kim Wilde comes out in a few weeks! And a new Sloan album! And Liz Phair reissues in April with an official release of all (?) the Girly-Sound tracks? Where will I look for conversation (or not) about these if not here? The Hoffman forums? Well, probably...)

Personally, I blame the fact that you had no annual post about the Grammys for the drop-off in March. That's gotta be a sure-fire crowd pleaser! :-)

Chris Collins said...

I'll miss this blog a lot. I come visit whenever I can and comment when I have something to say. I didn't comment yesterday because it felt like a personal decision and it's not my place to comment on that. But I'll miss it.

daudder said...

your anger and disappointment is understandable;

I'm a consistent reader; avid WM downloader; very appreciative fan of your writing, insights and especially the many lost gems....

...but only occasional commenter, mostly because I am not as a writer, certainly not as interesting or expert and as a result not as insightful or clarifying as you (and many of the commenters who do so regularly).

What I'd say is you and your blog have become a forest of music information and critique (your "Other 100" you reposted is excellent, for instance) , and we while us trees may be mostly silent, we are no less appreciative of your work.

As with many good things, we only appreciate them when they are not there...but I'd wager your readership and followers have always appreciated you more than you know.

buzzbabyjesus said...

A sad day. Stephen Hawking and now this?

As an eternal optimist, I hope this is another well deserved break.

The Weekend Mixes are a lot of work, and feedback is essential.

gms168 said...

I agree with daudder....i love reading the comments and listening to the music that follows. Your blog starts my day and i do appreciate the effort that goes into preparing. To quote TONIO K...Stay !

cmealha said...

I know it's tiring and disheartening to be barraged by the idiots out there and it's easy to say ignore them but it's hard to do. I understand but realize that the rest of us love you and what you do. It is so greatly appreciated by people like me who see you as a doorway to great new (and old) music that we would have otherwise missed.

JD Seid said...

I am hopeful that you will reconsider and give many of us another chance to provide much needed (and deserved) feedback. We appreciate all that you do, but are not quite as good at showing it.

Eric said...

Have read--and enjoyed--every day, commented now and then, downloaded the weekend mixes sometimes. I will really miss this place and your thoughts.


Anything Should Happen said...

Join me at IDHAS for a bit, it would be a honour.

Frito Bandito said...

I like all the others above, will greatly miss the work you do here. I rarely comment, because I don't have a lot to add to the discussion, but I read the comments every day. Some days I go back to see the additional postings. First Willard's Wormholes and now Burning Wood? This is truly a sad sad day.

I hope you reconsider, take a break, but don't give up. Never give up.

All the best.

Jim G said...

I guess I should have done this at the time, but I'd like to thank you for turning me onto the Darkness a few weeks back. The songs you posted were terrific as was your writeup about "servicing your glam rock needs."

I don't blame you for walking away, I've heard other bloggers I care about bemoan the lack of response on their blogs. I don't know the solution if there even is one. I'll just say I'm sorry for not commenting more and wish you the best. Maybe now I'll get off my ass and join Facebook so I can follow you there.

Take care,


Jim G said...

I guess its too late now but thanks for introducing me to the Darkness a few weeks ago. I'd always hated I Believe in a Thing Called Love but the songs you posted were excellent and made me seek out more.

I don't blame you for walking away. I've heard other bloggers I care about bemoan the lack of response. I don't know the solution if there is one. I don't always have something useful to say or the time to say it and for that, I'm sorry.

As for the trolls, if you decide to come back, I' suggest not responding and if they persist, delete posts or ban users, if that's possible. I'd rather see a ruthlessly moderated (if even possible) discussion than none at all. After all, it's your blog and you are entitled to run it your way, so anyone thinking you are too sensitive or their freedom of expression is being abridged can go troll elsewhere.

Thanks again for all the music and conversation,


Robin said...

I visit at least a few days a week and it always feels like home here. I don't always comment because as I believe others have said, sometimes I don't have anything worth adding and I so often agree with you. Sometimes I'm checking at work during lunch to see how the BW fam are doing, what you're chatting about but I don't have the time to pause and add a well thought out comment. So for me if I haven't been commenting a lot that's why.

If it's time to stop for whatever reason, I respect that and it's become a thing on social and blogs too where no one knows how to discourse they just like to drag people and get personal, it's not discussion and it's disheartening.

I just want to thank you for building this beautiful space you created, a space where I always felt comfortable expressing my thoughts or opinions (especially about my beloved Paul McCartney), which is a huge thing. Yourself and the regulars here have always felt to me like a little musical family. You really built something. If you someday can find a way to present this all in another format, simpler way, I'm there. If not, thank you again.

PS I'm listening right now to Caetano, Elis Regina and Gilberto and Paulinho da Viola because you inspired me to return to this wonderful music in a recent post.


jonder said...

All I can say is, "me too" (not #MeToo). Frequent reader? Me too. Rare commenter? Me too. Sad to see you go? Yeah, me too.

My favorite blogs are those, like Burning Wood, where bloggers take the time to write something thoughtful about the music that moves them, rather than just posting a link to an upload. It takes time and effort; it merits respect and deserves more than a few words of gratitude.

I didn't do that often enough. I could say that the trolls shouldn't matter, and the page views shouldn't matter (they might not be accurate), but I can't say that I showed enough appreciation. I will miss you (and Buzz Baby Jesus). I just started blogging again, after 7 years away from it. I hope you too come back one day.

A walk in the woods said...

I'm a pretty frequent commenter, and a frequent fan, stopping in daily to check things out. Here's a point to note - sometimes the discussions are easy to jump in on and make a comment, but sometimes it takes some listening and cogitating, to be able to comment meaningfully, and we mean to, but the day slips away.

But I try to at least say thanks every time there's a music mix I DL,and jump in to show my support for all things Todd Rundgren wherever possible.

I know you have taken some breaks before, and hope this is a break that works for you, and perhaps is finite. Sending good vibes from Atlanta, Sal!

ken49 said...

Already miss the fascination of what was on the mind of BurningWoodTonite. Pretty much agree with the last few comments. And am grateful for the Chris Price and Tim Christensen discoveries.

Michael Giltz said...

When I've been down South (which I have been all winter), I haven't felt as keyed in to Burnwood or indeed anything cool and NYC-Iish. If you ever felt let down by my in-and-out presence, please accept my apology. This blog has been the next best thing to heading into your store NYCD for all those years, knowing I'd hear some great music, get some great recommendations, make purchases without fear of belittlement and get to share my passion for music w folk who equalled and surpassed it. Can't wait to see what you do next.

Michael Giltz said...

I already miss this: "Hello, please remain seated." RichD your classical review was hilarious! Three out of five stars would have been dumb but four out of five is truly amusing. I'm sure you and others are some of the reason Sal has been soldiering on for so long and so fruitfully despite annoying trolls. Thx for always chiming in.

music lover said...

Hi, Sal,

I also want to ask you to reconsider, though I get it has to work for you and you need to do what feels right.

I have enjoyed and deeply appreciated this blog from the time I discovered it -- ironically, given what you're saying about the stats, about two years ago.

I'll just add that, believe it or not, I had no idea that not enough people were responding or that that was key for you. I did comment a few times, and suggest a couple of themes, but kind of felt the community was pretty established with regulars. I'm more aware now, so if and when you resume I will understand the importance of participating more actively, and would endeavor to do so.

Whatever happens, I'm grateful and appreciative for your efforts. I hope to meet you sometime at something or other down the road. You have carried the rock and roll torch well-- thank you!



Anonymous said...

I'm one of those who read your blog on a pretty regular basis, occasionally download, but never comment. Sorry. Hate to see you go. Thank you for the time and effort - and love - you've put into this blog.

Peter Ames Carlin said...

Take a breather. Let me know if I can do something helpful. Get some R&R and then come on back. You really should.

Matteo From Italy said...

what happens is that everything is getting the same bad disease. indifference. In the short period in which I've been getting around on Facebook I noticed tons of Post completely disregarded, with just one or two likes, no comments and all that nothing at all around it. indifference. We're posting everything, everyone is posting everything so nothing really matters anymore, there's a frantically growing inflation of things said, pictures shared, opinions given and so on. everyone goes through everyone else's posts with the same enthusiasm you'd have going into the wasteland and crossing a cactus after the other. I am very sorry not having attended any good music conversation here. I like music and I think that what you've shared was really worth attention, appreciation for the quality of music you've been digging out. I've downloaded every single weekend mix and discovered gems I'd never have discovered without you. this is my belated thank you. wishing you the best, dear loving music brother.

Steve on Cape Cod said...

So I just followed a blogroll link from another site that I followed a blog link from and I see Brian Eno, BBC sessions - "WOW". Then I read that you're going out of business. Damn. I flit about, here and there, leave comments occasionally, but really appreciate the enormous amount of effort that goes into the hobby you have here - I do digital marketing and know the loneliness of it. But how would I have ever found half of what I've been exposed to without folks like you? I worked in a 'record store' for 20 years and never saw 1/10th of what I see on blogs like this. Take a break, remember what you love - sharing the music - and I'll see you again soon. You're on my favorites list, cause I want the Eno at the Beeb, and I'll wait ;)

Blue DeVille said...

Sal, I never visited here, but I know what you are going through and talking about first hand. I run also a blog with my friend Lou Cypher since may 2015. At the beginning links were visible /no PW.
So many downloads (hits), so few pageviews on the posts in comparison.Few comments, usually by the same visitors...Now they all woke up when the links were hidden and with Passwords, they had to register too...typical. At least the hundred of thousands(really!!)hits on our links without even visiting are a thing of the past now, and the pageviews are larger then the effective downloads, good. All we ever asked was a thank you for our work they grabbed silently, to no effect..You deserve the respect for all the work you put in it,alas when I read comments here from THE BIG ANON, guys like these you don't won't on your blog, they are just ungrateful, egoistic people and the world is full of 'em, and no respect whatever. Gimme, gimme and don't ask an effort from me... picture is perfectly clear. But I don't think we can change humankind,greed is everywhere. Anonymity and privacy is a cheap excuse for not commenting, they are known anyway by the googles and facebooks of this world and I think we bloggers take the most risk then , not them and our time we spend to post free music for grabs is as valuable as their time, isn't it?..Kudos to you.
You have our sympathy, best greetings to you