Saturday, April 7, 2018

Songs Of The Week, 2018: 3/31-4/6

Stormy Monday (Live)- Cream
It's My Pride- The Guess Who
This Is The Land- The Bees
Star Crossed Lovers- Propellerheads w/ Martha Wainwright
Shaggy dad- Lightnin' Hopkins
M.O.R.- Blur
Tomorrow's Just Another Day- Madness w. Elvis Costello



A walk in the woods said...

Good to see your name on another SOTW Sal - cheers!

Dr Wu said...

I’ve wondered (and you may have already answered this), but is there generally a master theme/method to your SOTW madness? I suspect that it’s a collection of the tunes that have randomly entered your consciousness each day and your taste is just that damn good. The songs always seem to unexpectedly blend so seemlessly, when gathered at the end of the week. And if you just read the artist/song titles, you wouldn’t imagine that it all sounded so amazing. Thanks, Sal!

dogbreath said...

Who wouldn't like a SOTW zip with a Cream opener. Plus the Propellerheads - Martha Wainwright thing works for me. Many thanks for this. Cheers!

Bill said...

I'm a big fan of that Madness/Elvis song. I think it's far superior to the album version. Thanks for posting!