Wednesday, April 11, 2018


"Is there generally a master theme/method to your SOTW madness? I suspect that it’s a collection of the tunes that have randomly entered your consciousness each day...the songs always seem to unexpectedly blend so seamlessly when gathered at the end of the week."

That is a comment from Dr. Wu on the last "Songs Of The Week" post.

I often wondered why, six years since the first Song Of The day was posted, the week-ending SOTW posts get so little attention or activity. I would think seven songs would yield seven individual topics to discuss. Yet, the SOTW has the fewest comments and hits every week. Maybe no one has ever looked at it as seven different things to discuss.

Well, what if I answered Dr. Wu's question and explained how the seven songs ended up the SOTW mix?

Stormy Monday (Live)- Cream:

I had gone into the studio with some friends. We hadn't played together in three years, but we did remember the tunes we had in our set list of our one gig together. We tossed around some of those songs again and just let loose, which also led to fooling around with Jimi's "Little Wing." After playing it, Allen our bass player mentioned the Derek & The Dominoes version. Then, we started talking about Clapton and it made me think of the version of "Stormy Monday" from the 2005 Cream reunion tour. I mentioned how it might be my very favorite Clapton solo and of course, needed to hear it immediately to confirm what I was thinking.

It's My Pride- The Guess Who

I was rehearsing songs for a new John Sally Ride album and during a break I asked the band if they had heard the new Randy Bachman tribute to George Harrison. The answer was no, but we all agreed we loved the Guess Who. Bassist Sal Maida made a point of referencing the early stuff, especially "It's My Pride," which is found on the Nuggets box.

This Is The Land- The Bees

This track popped up at random on the iPod and for a few seconds, I didn't recognize it was The Bees. I decided I needed to hear it again.

Star Crossed Lovers- Propellerheads w/ Martha Wainwright

I was listening to the new one from The Fratellis and the second track is "Star Crossed Losers," which made me think of "Star Crossed Lovers," a Duke Ellington cover by Propellerheads with Martha Wainwright, and how they somehow made a beautiful piece of music work as a funky bit of hip-hop.

Shaggy Dad- Lightnin' Hopkins

I just found an inexpensive copy of "Something Blue," the Lightnin' Hopkins record on Verve, that begins with "Shaggy Dad." It's a great record with great instrumentation--guitar, trombone and drums-- with the drums played by New Orleans legend, Earl Palmer. Felt like posting it.

M.O.R.- Blur

Listened to all of Blur's self-titled record and decided that if I sold it, the only track I'd really miss would be "M.O.R."

Tomorrow's Just Another Day- Madness w. Elvis Costello

Another one that popped up on the iPod. It had been years since I heard it. I had forgotten how good it was.

It's different every week. How it all falls into place and sounds so good, is anyone's guess.


JD Seid said...

I think the insights are awesome. Nice to have the background info.

Rodger Stroup said...

Sal, what do you think of Randy Bachman's re-imagining of George's songs? I enjoyed his take on those songs. I don't consider Beatles tunes to be off-limits from interpretation, so I welcomed Bachman's effort.
"You Like Me Too Much," "Taxman," and "Don't Bother Me: are current favorites. I'm still wrapping my head around "Here Comes the Sun."

Thanks for sharing your thought process on SOTW. It's interesting to read what kinds of things trigger others to want to hear a particular song.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Do this more often. I always notice the Songs Of The Week, as well as Now Playing. I don't know why I haven't commented on them more. Maybe you've started something new right here.

Sal Nunziato said...

I really enjoyed the element of surprise to the Randy Bachman. It was a great ride...once. I don't think I will go back to any of it.


"Do this more often." Great. More work. :)

cmealha said...

Fun to get a glimpse into your thought process on SOTW.

Anonymous said...

I always figured it was what popped into your head upon waking up in the morning.

Rodger Stroup said...

The element of surprise is certainly evident. I listened to Bachman for a few days after it came out. I've had it on the shelf this week. I want to listen to it again, but there's other music calling me!

softshoebanana said...

Think your being a bit hard re Blur album, I've always found it a rewarding listen.

Dr Wu said...

Thanks for sharing the ‘Behind the Music’ of SOTW, Sal. You’re blessed, sir, with a curious soul and phenomenal good taste. And thanks for the current ‘Now Playing’: I began the day with the NiN’s ‘The Slip’ which, acknowledging how excellent that album is, had fallen off the radar; the Blodwyn Pig and Johnny Adams albums were relevatory in the best possible way (and unlikely discovered anywhere else but here, Sal). I’m a more knowledgeable appreciator of music because of the dialogue at Burning Wood. While I type, I’m listening to Buddy Miller’s ‘Written in Chalk’ - another artist I found here. Honestly though, I’m most excited today about the mention of a new JSR album!!! The first was so special. And, I’m confident the next will be as well. Namaste

Sal Nunziato said...

Blur makes some of the most amazing half records. I seriously adore six songs on every one of their records, including Think Tank. They just seem lost the other half of the time.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Doc. I appreciate the kind words. I hope the JSR doesn’t disappoint. So far, feeling good about it.

FD13NYC said...

Nice idea, sometimes I could almost tell what you're thinking when you post the SOTW.

Good luck with the new JSR material, if it's any bit as good as the first one it should be a great sophomore effort. And by chance, if you ever play out and need a rhythm guitarist/harmony vocalist, kindly give me a thought. (Itching to play again)

dogbreath said...

I usually have ideas of my own as to why the SOTW picks are what they are: heart trouble (of the romantic kind), good or bad times with friends & neighbours, a bad day at the office, indigestion - (that's enough ideas - Ed) - so it's great to hear the backstories behind these selections. I'm a sucker for a good backstory. Thanks & cheers!

Anonymous said...

well, today's is one of my favorite Raspberries songs ever. that second album was tops.

kevin m said...

Wait, there's a new John Sally Ride album in the works? That is a nice way to start my day!

Troy said...

For some reason I had in my head that SOTD was selected randomly, like the first song that comes up on shuffle or something. Nice to know the real story.

cmealha said...

You think you can share you're process with each SOTW post?

kodak ghost said...

Thanks for the inside track on how the selections are made! I tend to only download the w/e mix.... time gets in the way, not lack of interest.

I still find playing my old ipod fascinating, the strange songs and combinations it throws up. Sometimes it really works and others it really jars and you wonder why the hell you put it on there in the first place... and I'm enjoying Ms LaVette and BBJs Cooder selection!

Dean Mattson said...


I've been reading this blog for a few years now but never commented before. I appreciate all the effort you put into it.

Do you happen to know who the singer on the Guess Who song is? It's definitely sounds like it could be Burton Cummings, but I haven't been able to find confirmation one way or another.