Sunday, May 27, 2018

Songs Of The Week, 2018: 5/19-5/25

Scattered- The Posies
The Lonely Bull- The Untouchables
Money Don't Matter 2 Night- Prince
2:19- Tom Waits
Into The Trance- Cessyl Orchestra
Flowers-Irma Thomas


Scattered-The Posies
This is from their last release, "Solid States." It's a terrific record and this is a terrific song.

The Lonely Bull- The Untouchables
Discussing memorable concerts with a friend, I thought of The Untouchables opening for the The Psychedelic Furs at the Universal Amphitheater in Hollywood in 1987. A great show in a great venue and for some reason this cover came to mind.

Money Don't Matter 2 Night- Prince
From "Diamonds & Pearls," which seems like a masterpiece compared to the last 10 records Prince had released. Felt like hearing this track. Still great and still wish he was alive and putting out records, no matter how mediocre they were.

2:19-Tom Waits
From the Orphans triple which just got a separate vinyl release for each of its subjects. This track is from the "Brawlers" portion. That whole "Brawlers" set is brilliant, but this track really kicks ass.

It's all about the harmonies.

Into The Trance-Cessyl Orchestra
My friend David H. and I obsess occasionally over Gregg Alexander.  We both love that New Radicals record from 1998 and we both can't believe he just stopped recording, unless you count soundtracks and writing and producing other artists. This is from the "Begin Again" soundtrack and I will take what I can get.

Flowers-Irma Thomas
After not recording anything of note for years, Irma Thomas released two of the best records of her career, post-Katrina. This track is from "After The Rain," the first of the two and an album for which she won a Grammy.


Matteo Tarchi said...

You got me real curious about the new Posies release. going to get it!

dogbreath said...

I'm just back from a pre-Brexit Euro holiday so I'm catching up with the blog & really enjoying the two SOTW zippers which I missed. This one's a beauty & the Irma Thomas tune is doing the business for me. Thanks for upping the mix. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you about the latest Posies LP. Wondering when we're going to get a new Ken Stringfellow offering. Just curious Sal, are you a KS solo fan?


Sal Nunziato said...

Randy, I am a true fan of both Jon and Ken. Loved "Danzig In The Moonlight."

A walk in the woods said...

Looking forward to this mix - thanks Sal!