Thursday, June 7, 2018

Axe Battle


I never paid any mind to Jimmy Page's "Death Wish II" soundtrack. I don't recall any Zeppelin fans raving about it either. Then, on his 1988 solo tour for his first proper solo release, "Outrider," Page played a gorgeous instrumental that lasted about two minutes. The playing was pure Jimmy.  My friend recognized the piece as Chopin and then soon after discovered it as "Prelude" on the aforementioned soundtrack.

This track made me think a few other great instrumentals, including the two posted here, Ronnie Montrose covering "Town Without Pity" and Mick Ronson's version of "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue."

I love them all and I think another half dozen to a dozen choices would make a great Weekend Mix.

Whattaya got?


Scott Lee said...

Sal Nunziato said...

Beautiful tune, Scott. But...where's the guitar?

buzzbabyjesus said...

The Blazers "Cumbia Del Sol"

The Soft Boys "Do The Chisel"

The Flat Duo Jets "Sing, Sing, Sing"

Of course there's "Rumble", but how about "Switchblade"

jmsafree said...

Sunny Side of Heaven off of Bare Trees, FM

cmealha said...

Sleepwalk - Stray Cats

Nessum Dorma - Jeff Beck

Noam Sane said...

"Semi Multicoloured Caucasian," from the last Captain Beefheart record (guitarist: Gary Lucas)

"Ceres Walk," Billy Nayer Show, American Astronaut Soundtrack

buzzbabyjesus said...

And who can forget Foglizard's "Minor Drunk"? drunk.mp3

Written by yours truly BTW

Anonymous said...

Sonny Landreth - Spider-Gris or Next of Kindred Spirits
Robin Trower - Caravan to Midnight
Wishbone Ash - Outward Bound or Candlelight
Three Man Army - A Third of a Lifetime (title track)
Peter Green - Slabo Day

if what you're looking for are covers, there's John McLaughlin's version of "Goodbye Porkpie Hat"

Bill said...

Ry Cooder--Dark End of the Street
Nick Lowe--Awesome (he says the title, but the rest is all instrumental)
T-Bone Burnett with Richard Thompson--Welcome Home, Mr Lewis
Benny Goodman Sextet--These Foolish Things

Bombshelter Slim said...

Beach Boys "Summer Means New Love"

FD13NYC said...

Al Di Meola and Les Paul Spanish Eyes

FD13NYC said...

Eric Johnson Righteous

Anonymous said...

Hi, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Dick Dale - Pipeline

Cheers Marlon

FD13NYC said...

Django Reinhardt
Stardust or Georgia On My Mind

JD Seid said...

Great picks - especially Ronnie Montrose. Jeff Beck does a killer version of Over The Rainbow

Shriner said...

Some of my fave guitar instrumentals are all older songs:

(Ghost) Riders In The Sky
Out of Limits
Walk Don't Run
Sabre Dance
Classical Gas

But, then, I grew up listening to Ventures albums, so I'm biased... so moving past the 50s..

Peaches En Regalia?
Buck Hill by the Replacements never fails to get me moving
Red by King Crimson clearly fits the theme (or "Discipline")
Space Invader by the Pretenders
The Attitude Song -- Steve Vai
Homebound -- Ted Nugent -- which is an awesomely melodic song.

Anonymous said...

D. Clinton Thompson's cover version of The Ventures "Driving Guitars"!

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

Steve Hunter does a lickety split with "Eight Miles Hile" from his first solo album and Iggy's "Repo Man" theme is also fun. Phil Manzanera does a pair of rippers on Diamond as well, "East of Echo" and the title track. And and Freddie King, and Buck's Boogie, and Juke, and there has to be something from Harry Manx that would fit...maybe?

DaveF said...

"The Loner," by Gary Moore is exquisite. Loved the Ronnie Montrose instrumental!


My number 1 pick is:
Eddie Hazel - California Dreamin'

followed by:
Jeff Beck - Old Man River or Sleepwalkin'
Jimi Hendrix - I Was Made to Love Her
Johnny Ramone - Viva Las Vega
Ritchie Blackmore - Beethoven's Ninth
Johnny Winter - Unchain Your Heart
Robbie Krieger - Lonely Teardrops

pp said...

Phil Upchurch cover of Darkness,Darkness by The Youngbloods

A walk in the woods said...

Here's a few of my very favorites:

Leaves On the Sidewalk After the Rain - Jonathan Richman

Albatross - Fleetwood Mac

Misterioso - Thelonious Monk

Breathless - Todd Rundgren

Reverend's Revenge - The Housemartins

Sparks - The Who

Anonymous said...

Saddest tune ever: Friends of Dean Martinez "Cahuenga" (skip the sounds after about 4:20)( They do a great version of "All The Pretty Horses" (, too.
Majestic: John Fogerty's "Goin' Back Home" (, Part 2 of Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well"(
A couple incredibly pretty ones: Uncle Tupelo's "Sandusky" (, Ian Kearey's "Cowardice & Caprice" (
Short and sweet: Leaving Trains' "March 7th" (
I'll think of more after sending this off, but it's a good start.
C in California

Ken D said...

Nobody's mentioned Los Straightjackets.

Ken D said...

Oops. That should be "Straitjackets"...