Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Positively Guilt-Free Wednesdays: A New Series

Wednesdays will now be the day for all of us to share something without fear of ridicule or negative criticism. It doesn't necessarily need to be music. If you baked a cherry pie and impressed the shit out of your significant other, if you told a joke and killed all of your party guests with laughter, if you just got a promotion, if you watched "Road House" and enjoyed yourself. if you just went from a 36" waist to a 33" and you want to tell the world, Wednesday is the day, and this is the place.

Why? I will tell you.

Facebook is poison.

What set me off?

Two things, and neither happened to me, though stuff like this happens to me and everyone more times than it doesn't.

My friend posted a video of The Cars' "You Might Think." I think a guppy would surmise it's because he liked the song. First comment on his post was, "Never a fan of that silly MTV period." Why? Is that comment a revelation? Is it possible that my friend was just looking for a few people to chime in in a positive way? The need to deflate is sick.

Another friend, from New Orleans, innocently asked if there was anyway to get Bruce Springsteen Broadway tickets for less than $1600. First comment was, "Nothing says working man like a $1600 ticket." This doesn't even make sense. Another was, "I'd pay $10 if he'd actually sing." These are his FRIENDS! What makes anyone think it's a good idea to trash someone or something that is obviously loved by someone else? If you're a critic and you write a column, knock yourself out. But again, I am pretty sure my friend was hoping for a helpful answer, and if nobody had one, they should have found something else to do with those 12 seconds of their life.

I'm tired of the criticism, the emptiness, the smug remarks, and most of all, the lack of support from so called "friends" and "family."

Burning Wood is a destination. You come here because generally, you know what you're in for. If you've got something to say, there's a 99% chance you've read what I've written and that is why you commented. There are no "like" buttons here. You can't hit and run.

I have one rule on Wednesday and this is it--

If you don't have anything good to say, say nothing. Save the criticism and difference of opinion for a post that relies on discussion for legs. It's not a bad rule seven days a week, but hey, we have to have some fun.

Simple, yes? Think you can handle it? Now...speaking of cherry pie...

Why is there a Warrant song posted up top? I'll tell you.

I have always had an intense dislike for the band's hit single, "Cherry Pie." But, I have always LOVED their other hit, "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Aside from those two songs, I had heard nothing else and I didn't care. But I acquired a copy of the new reissue of "Cherry Pie" that was just released on vinyl and I played it, because I really felt like hearing "Uncle Tom's Cabin." You know what? I still don't like "Cherry Pie." But, some of this record really knocked me out, like "Bed Of Roses," and especially "I Saw Red," a power ballad to beat all power ballads. I had no idea this was a Top 10 hit.

There. I've said it.

I can hear the muttering already.

"Is he okay?"

"I'm worried about that boy."

"It was better with Todd Rundgren posts."

(That was a softball, so bite your lip.)

I'm fine. I may be ranting, but I am fine. I'm just tired of people shitting on other people. The lack of sensitivity and responsibility is overwhelming.  I promise, I'm just trying to do something positive for a change. Don't worry. I won't lose my edge or my snark. There's a new Dave Matthews record out and I am sure Adele will be coming out of retirement soon enough. And if I decide to trash either of them, I'll do it here, not on my friend's Facebook page, where he often posts about Adele because he is a fan. I am just opening up this space once a week so everyone can sound off and share something without fear of being shot down.

Remember...share something you feel good about and save your insensitive crap for another place and time.

One last thing---you must know that I moderate comments. In almost ten years of Burning Wood, I can count on both hands the times I chose not to post someone's comment, even those that were written with no other intention but to wind me up. Though I may choose not to publish negative comments on today's post, I will still see them. If you have a heart of steel and choose to send me something that is meant to wind me up, may you rot in Paramus.

"I Saw Red," baby!


Anonymous said...

I found the coolest retro floor lamp yesterday - actually my wife did. I feel good about that.

Backstory: Two or three years ago, my wife, Kathy, wanted to turn her downstairs craft room into an extra bedroom. Having two extra bedrooms upstairs already, I brought up that I was hoping to someday (maybe... possibly...) turn that room into a dedicated listening room (I have another room downstairs with all of my albums, CD's, etc).

This discussion eventually turned into a 'Hopes and Dreams and Things We Both Want To Do Before We Die' dialogue (if you're married, you may have been through this at some point) that ended with her suggesting that I take money out of savings, buy myself that nice stereo system I've always wanted and make the room into something I've always dreamed of... which I have now. I love my wife dearly for allowing me to do this.

Oh yes, the lamp. Kathy knew I was looking for a retro-looking floor lamp for the listening room and she found one at a local antique store that fits perfectly in the space it was intended for. My listening room is just about perfect now and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Nice idea for Wednesdays, Sal.


Tumblingdice70 said...

What a great idea for a Wednesday Sal! I think we could all use a little Stuart Smalley today: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!"

Paradise by Tesla is my selection today, a power ballad that turns into a rocker:


Jobe said...

I have retired from a job of 39 years. No more out in -10 degree weather no more out in 100 plus degree weather.That makes me smile

jeff said...

sounds like we could use a big laugh, all of us:
copy link:
enter pw: mahatma

buzzbabyjesus said...

I like the idea for Wednesdays. You don't have to feed parking meters either.

I'm a member of the FaceBook group "Awesome Cheap Guitars".

To get accepted you must answer 3 questions, the first being: Ace Of ________?

The obvious answer being "Spades", but a fair number say "Base" or "Hearts". Neither is really wrong and will not necessarily disqualify a prospective member, of which there are 56,000 and counting.

I was spending a fair amount of time there, and a couple of my posts were extremely popular, one receiving over 700 "likes", when I was invited to be a moderator.

Most of the time things are civil and the community full of good advice about problems, dollar value, and gear.

Yesterday two different people posted, using slightly different words, "Which is Better Tube amps or Solid State?". These are designed to encourage arguments which end up with people insulting one another. Personally I'm "Tube" guy, and think modelling amps are lame, and it's okay to express opinions, but both posts rapidly turned into,
"You're stupid!",
As moderator, I get to delete these comments and block the authors, or boot them out of the group altogether. So many were acrimonious that I deleted the posts entirely.
Score one for civility.

It feels good booting trolls.

Troy said...

Great idea, like this a lot.

I'd like to make a music recommendation. Michael McDermott has a new album out this year and it is terrific. I've written about him on these pages before, he's one of my favorites. 'Out From Under'is another strong set of songs. Michael has been on a roll since getting sober a few years ago. I highly recommend this. My wife and I have it on regular rotation at our house. Here's a link to one of my favorite songs, 'Celtic Sea':

Check it out, hope you enjoy. It's really been a joy for us.

Mr. Baez said...

Great idea, Sal. I was camping for the past week and taking a break from technology. I heard late yesterday about Danny Kirwin's passing. His talent was so special. I thought I would share one of his great songs. Enjoy:

Shriner said...

I feel good about spending a whole afternoon the other day watching about 30+ YouTube clips of Weird Al doing unique and straight cover songs in the encore on each night of his current tour. Smiles all around!

And I feel good about recently dipping my toes back into the dating game after being divorced for a couple of years now. Scared shitless for what that really means at this age, but in a good way!

Chris Collins said...

I also love "Uncle Tom's Cabin". Always did. And I remember "I Saw Red" very, very well. My sister was a Warrant die hard.

I love this feel good space. I'm kinda with you on the insane river of negativity on Facebook.

Bill said...

I was listening to some old Squeeze albums and put on Some Fantastic Place and was reminded how wonderful that song is. It's about a friend of Chris and Glenn's who had passed away, and it's both sweet and sad. And contains a cracking Tilbrook solo.

Sal Nunziato said...

I gave to the Jon Cleary Pledge Music campaign quite awhile ago and so often there are delays, or worse, the Record ends up coming out weeks before you get your promised copy. When I was in New Orleans in April, I saw Jon Cleary play and he finally mentioned a release date, July 13. I thought, well at least it’s coming. Well I got an email yesterday from Jon Cleary that said the package was on its way. Not only is it early, but it’s a month early. Scheduled delivery tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear that baby.

Troy said...

Sal, I too supported Jon's campaign. Still waiting for my email...hopefully soon! Heard his version of the song he gave to Taj Mahal for the Senor Blues album and loved it!

Ken D said...

Yesterday the amazing eight-year-old drummer and now this!
Sal, can you keep this hitting streak of positivity going?

Sal Nunziato said...

He played it live, Troy. It might be my fave Cleary tune. Taj’s version kills me

Sal Nunziato said...

8-5 says no, but I’ll try by God I’ll try! I’ll go out and make it or steal it or TAKE it...or...DIE!!!!!!! ~bows~


DaveF said...

What a great idea - place to air your guilt pleasures without regret, cynicism or ferocious attacks bearing down on you. Thank you!!
My guilty pleasure today is the 5th Dimension's "Last Night (I Didn't Get To Sleep At All." I've always loved the singles this group produced and instantly take me back to a much simpler time of high school dances and polyester suits. Marilyn McCoo's vocals are spot on and the sonwriting simple, soaring and brilliant. Never tire of hearing this song and the way it juxtaposes with other more "serious" songs on my shuffle play is sublime.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Great idea for Wednesdays. So, two things:
We’ve been saving up for a couple of years and am currently on vacation with the fam. Downloaded some albums on Spotify to listen to on the plane. Oscar Peterson’s Night Train album.... Wow. Just wow.
Second, the Van Gogh museum makes me proud of my species.


Anonymous said...

White Lion's "Little Fighter." Dumped Ratt and GnR, but I keep that album in my collection just for that song.

Christine said...

Great idea, and how I love your writing and how you tell a story.

With that: Wondrous Stories--Yes (no laughing!)

kevin m said...

No judgement zone (without working out at Planet Fitness)? OK, how's this? The wife and I just came back from Scotland where we saw the Rolling Stones.

There's been much conversation on this board about their declining skills and I will agree it was on display in Edinburgh last Saturday. I mean; they opened the show with Start Me Up and Keef still fucked it up!

And you know what? We did not care. We were there to celebrate the Stones and my wife's birthday. We had a great time with 50K+ rowdy (albeit well behaved} Scotch fans. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Troy said...

Sal, did you receive the Jon Cleary disc? What do you think of it? Also, if you don't mind my asking, what level of support did you buy? I still haven't heard anything other than the release date announcement. I wonder if certain levels got handled first. I bought the bundle of 6 discs (including the new one); gave me a chance to fill in a couple of gaps in my collection. Still waiting for shipping notification . Anyways, thanks, and enjoy the tunes!

Sal Nunziato said...

Troy, I got it two days after I mentioned it here. $40 level, autographed vinyl. High quality double gatefold. Really impressive.