Sunday, June 10, 2018

Songs Of The Week, 2018: 6/2-6/8

You Can Dance- Bryan Ferry
Where Did The Ordinary People Go- XTC
May I- Bill Deal & The Rhondels
It Only Costs A Dime- The Everly Brothers
The Collector- Nine Inch Nails
She Darked The Sun- Dillard & Clark
The River- Bruce Springsteen & The ESB


You Can Dance- Bryan Ferry
This track is from Ferry's "Olympia" record, which had somehow gotten by me when it was first released. When I finally heard it years later, it became a fave and I recently gave it a spin. Still love it and this opener.

Where Do The Ordinary People Go-XTC
This is a "Nonsuch" leftover written by Colin that I only just heard this week.

May I- Bill Deal & The Rhondels
There are a few songs in the Steve Buscemi film "Trees Lounge" that truly knocked me out. One of them is "I've Been Hurt" by Bill Deal & The Rhondels. I hadn't heard of the song or the band at the time I saw the film. On his 2014 tour, Bruce Springsteen was playing a lot of covers. On April 12, in Virginia Beach, he opened with "May I." I had never heard the song before. Guess who? Right, Bill Deal & The Rhondels. I finally bought a "Best Of Bill Deal & The Rhondels" and you know what, every song is great, even their unlikely cover of The Beatles "Hey Bulldog."

It Only Costs A Dime-The Everly Brothers
I was listening to this last week and it made me think of EC's "Brilliant Mistake," which was a SOTD. Decided to make this a SOTD.

The Collector- Nine Inch Nails
I think Trent Reznor is a genius. I think "With Teeth," the album "The Collector" comes from is a masterpiece. I've been listening to a lot of NIN.

She Darked The Sun- Dillard & Clark
Love this album, played it, chose this to post.

The River-Bruce Springsteen & the ESB
I have a friend who had been posting Bob Dylan lyrics daily on Facebook. It's no surprise just how brilliant all of these lyrics looked on their own. Of course, 100's of his friends would comment and share their own choice lines from Dylan's book. It was a great series with an amazing amount of participation. A little over a week ago, I posted a line from Bruce's "Atlantic City." Within seconds, a friend commented, "Bruce thinks he's profound, but he isn't." Two of his friends got right on board, killed my vibe and my post. The single worst thing about Facebook, and there are many horrible things about it, is that people just don't know when to keep quiet. That said, a friend sent me an e-mail with these lyrics a few days ago, "Now all them things that seemed so important, well mister they vanished right into thin air, Now I just act like I don't remember, Mary acts like she don't care." Looks good to me. Made me want to revisit "The River."


cmealha said...

How did I know about the XTC cut and you didn't? I always assume you know everything about music way before I do. Liked this one very much.
As I commented earlier this week, I didn't know that Elvis C had copped the opening of "Brilliant Mistake" from this great Everly Brothers cut, which I had never heard before. Thanks for sharing this one.

cmealha said...

I share your opinion of Trent Reznor and "With Teeth". Can't wait until the new one.

Anonymous said...

"Is a dream a lie if it don't come true . . . or is it something worse, that sends me down to the river . . ."

I can live with others' opinion of what is profound or not, mostly because I ignore those opinions.

Troy said...

Sorry that some people on FB are such shitheads. And you're right, sometimes it's better to keep quiet. Thanks for sharing some Bruce, always welcome.


Another nice end to the week!

I dig the Bill Deal

Jim G said...

Big fan of both Bob and Bruce, and there's no doubt in my mind that Bob has written plenty of so called "profound" lyrics whose meaning he didn't know when he wrote them and doesn't know now, so the joke is on those Facebook douchebags.

Anonymous said...

Both Bob and Bruce are often profound in abundance. The need to shit on one person's work in order to build up another artist is (I'd agree with Sal) part of the fucking problem with this world.
Any parade pisser with the irresistible need to tell you they don't like the thing you're praising online should simply instead praise the things they like on their own blog, or even better, list all of those they don't on the same blog of their own.

dogbreath said...

Thanks for zipping up! A great SOTW: never listened to NIN until Bowie did stuff with them (my loss); Ferry, the Everlys & XTC always cool; and "The River" always resonates with me just like a good story or poem should do. And yah boo sucks to the FB killjoys. Cheers!

Christine said...

I have been too! (Listening to a lot of Nine Inch Nails lately, that is.)