Thursday, July 5, 2018

"Joe Walsh Makes Jimmy Buffett Look Like GG Allin"

There are very few songs I dislike as much as I dislike "Life In The Fast Lane" by The Eagles.  But I don't hate The Eagles. Not by a long shot. I think I may really not care for Don Henley, though I do love "The Heart Of The Matter" and "The End Of The Innocence." Hell, even Bob Dylan liked "The End Of The Innocence" enough to cover it live.

Jimmy Buffett? I have no feelings either way. I don't get in his way and he doesn't get in mine.

That said, The Eagles and Jimmy Buffet played Target Field on July 2nd, and though I'm never really fond of this type of malicious snark, the concert review by Ryan Warner is a little bit of genius. You can read it all HERE. It's a quick read and you will thank me later.

If you really can't be bothered, here are the set lists, according to Warner.

Jimmy Buffett setlist

Blacked Out in the Garage
Island Flip Flops
She Doesn’t Care (That I Drink All Day)
Cabo Blowjob
Industrial Daiquiri Stand
Panamanian Shrimp Suit
Shit-Housed on the Riding Mower
Tears in My Tequila
Cirrhosis Circus
Cheeseburger in Paradise

Eagles setlist

Sale at Men’s Wearhouse
401K Blues
Bread Sandwich
Traffic Jam
Unscented Lotion
Carburetors (Shopping for a New One)
Programming the VCR
Inoffensive Medley
All My Meats Well Done
Tylenol PM Rock
Talk’n ‘bout Weather
9:30 Bedtime
Business Major
Take it Easy
Hotel California

But please, just read the whole thing.


Jobe said...

Damn, from reading the review, it looks like The Eagles left out one of my faves "Mountain of Money"(That we dive off of)

Shriner said...

OK. I laughed out loud. Not ashamed to admit it.

jmsafree said...

I probably should have posted this on guilt-free Wednesday, Oh well, I hope folks are kind. I am not a big fan of the Eagles and not a fan of JB at all.

But I did see the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan this weekend and loved both of them. Tom Johnson was in excellent voice as was Patrick Simmons. Just straight ahead rock n' roll making no apologies.

Steely Dan was the exact opposite, presenting a musically more interesting show that demanded a closer listening than the Doobies. I loved them too.

Reliving the past is not such a bad thing. No one ever criticized John Lee Hooker for playing his standard repertoire in his later years.

That got me thinking, what performers did I never see live that I most regret.

Little Feat and Van Morrison would be near the top of my list. Have a good weekend all. joe

Anonymous said...

Overall, I'd say I'm an Eagles fan, but that review is effin' hilarious. Thanks for the post.


M_Sharp said...

Best review ever of a concert that would be one of the worst possible musical events of my life! I liked “Victim Of Love” and something else (certainly not “Old ’55), and Buffet did a good note by note cover of a Bruce Cockburn song, but that was about it. I generally tried to ignore both of them until a guy I couldn’t stand at work said the Eagles were his favorite band, so I had no choice but to hate them.

Thanks for the review, and for not posting it on guilt-free Wednesday.

Bruce Kelly said...

Looking forward to the full review.

From the title of your post I was hoping for something pointing out that the worst -- THE WORST -- song played on classic rock stations is Joe Walsh's "Life's Been Good." You know, the one with those ping-pongy electric effects. It just meanders along, and I suppose it could be characterized as "ironic" and "making fun of" the rock star lifestyle which might be valid except for one thing -- it's not funny!

Anyway, as noted looking forward to reading the full review.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I'm not sure how much I'd need to get paid to endure that show.

I love the set lists.

I'm no fan of either. I don't know why I sat through that really long Eagles doc on Netflix, other than I spent the '70's in Southern CA, and Bernie Leadon was briefly a member of The Flying Burrito Brothers.

The only thing I've ever liked about Jimmy Buffet is the album title, "White Sport Coat And A Pink Crustacean". I've never heard it, just seen the record in a rack.

Chris Collins said...


that's the best thing I've seen in forever.

I never, ever need to hear a LOT of Eagles songs again, but I like quite a few. Therefore, I cannot hate the Eagles.

Jimmy Buffet, on the other hand, inspires a kind of hatred in me that I can't define. I will never say this to a Jimmy Buffet fan. Cause let them like what they wanna like. But god god, do I hate Jimmy Buffet.

neal t said...

to the above, you saw one Little Feat guy in the Doobie Brothers concert :) Bill Payne was on keys

dogbreath said...

Aw, come on, you guys! While everyone's busy knocking the Eagles, let me be the unashamed,lone voice in the wilderness (Oh, OK then - Ed) saying I've been a fan since the 70s when their albums were a big part of the soundtrack to my lifestyle then. Those albums full of classic FM tracks are still a guilt-free listen for me now and I don't care who knows it - my dad's bigger than your dad! I've grown old along with the boys in the band, so let them supplement their pensions with shows like the one reviewed. And, yes, agreed the review was v amusing and well worth a chuckle (a tad like some of Mr Buffet's songs) and the Eagles themselves aren't always shy of a self-deprecating jab or three. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I can proudly say I've never heard a Jimmy Buffet song from start to finish in my entire life.


Frito Bandito said...


That was so funny I almost fell off my chair laughing. I think I better fill up my Margaritaville blender and try to recover.

PS-Thanks for pointing out Henry Butler. I spent an hour watching Youtube videos of the guy yesterday. He was amazing!

buzzbabyjesus said...

When I watched the Eagles doc on Netflix, I thought, "They wrote some good songs".
I can't remember which ones inspired that realization and it did not make me want to track any of them down.

I promise there will never be an Eagles Weekend Mix.

kevin m said...

That's the laugh I needed on this gloomy morning!

Elroy said...

That. Was. Awesome. Thanks!

A guy called Tak said...

So funny, I have to order margarita and tequila sunrise at a local bar!

Anonymous said...

Joe Walsh wasn't in the Eagles until long after they made a name for themselves as part of the dreary southern California country-rock scene along with Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, etc. In the early days of his career Walsh really was a bit like G.G. Allin in that he was an insane alcoholic who kept a chainsaw with him at all times in case there were any hotel rooms that needed re-arranging. Naturally he fell into the immediate circle of The Who, opened extensively for them with his band The James Gang and was Pete Townshend's guitar mentor during the "Lifehouse" recordings that ended up mostly as the album Who's Next. Now that he's been sober for some time, Walsh is still a comedian and guitar guru, as his dentures-free but incisive video series describing how to set up an electric guitar has become somewhat of a gearhead classic:

When I think of the rest of The Eagles I picture that time in the 80s that I saw Glenn Frey wipe the cocaine and tequila-induced sweat from his bloated face and neck, toss the towel into the audience, causing the horrified audience member to send that towel rocketing back onstage at him. I can't even guess what kind of horrible perverted things go on at Jimmy Buffett concerts.