Thursday, July 30, 2020

Stop Your Bobbing

There is a gentleman named Paul who has done some truly amazing work over at his place, Albums That Should Exist.

Each project is a labor of love that would take the patience of a saint to create. When you're through here, go pay a visit and give him some love and attention. It's a treasure trove of music. But please don't forget to come back.

Today's entry is a collection of Chrissie Hynde and James Walbourne's Bob Dylan covers recorded during lockdown. I'll give you a head start on this one, but you'll have to fall into your own rabbit hole over there.

Thanks Paul.

In The Summertime
You're A Big Girl, Now
Standing In the Doorway
Sweetheart Like You
Blind Willie McTell
Love Minus Zero- No Limit
Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight
Tomorrow Is A Long Time



A Walk In The Woods said...

Whoa! Can't wait to hear this, as it includes no less than three of my Top 20 Dylan songs:

In The Summertime
Standing In the Doorway
Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Thanks for the tip!

Chrissie has also done amazing covers of Property Of Jesus (love it when rockers "get" his Christian period - Sinead O'Connor is another who "gets" it) and I Shall Be Released. Plus she played off his song title when she wrote Boots Of Chinese Plastic.

Anonymous said...

Well...I fell down said rabbit hole an hour ago and managed to crawl back out with almost 20 new "albums" to listen to.

Great website! Thanks for the heads up!!



Thanks Sal -- Thanks Chrissie!

Now a technical question for my Burning Wood fellow travellers ...

The Burning Wood link worked perfectly. But when I went to the rabbit hole I got hung up on the zippieshare links. I'd try to download and end up with pop ups of porn, games, and my Mac notifcations going off a couple of times an hour with "Your Mac Is Infected" warnings ... I don't know if it is my browser (Chrome for), my security settings, ...

On a good day I can barely spell ZIP. If anyone has any advice I'm all ears.


Paul said...

Paul of the Albums That Should Exist blog here. Thanks for the link and for the praise! :) I've been keeping an eye on this blog for a while as well. Keep up the good work spreading the music.

Chance said...

I'm not on a Mac, but here's how it works for me with Windows 10: with Zippyshare, everytime you get a pop up, just close out of it and rehit the original orange Zippy link. Eventually, you'll get the "Save As" window. But be careful, make sure the filename in the window is the legit filename. Sometimes it displays the filename as "Your file is ready to download". Don't save that, it's more junk, just close out again and rehit the zippy link until you get the real filename.

Sounds like a pain in the ass, but it's not. Sometimes you gotta rehit the link 2 or 3 times, sometimes 10 or 15, but eventually, you get the file. Worth it for all the wonderful music being shared. And Zippy is fast, a couple of seconds for the download. Some of these sites you gotta wait an hour and a half.

Paul said...

Chance, I don't have a problem with the Zippyshare links because I use an ad blocker plug-in. I highly recommend one of those. But if you don't have one, I'm told that right clicking on the link helps get past all that BS.

steve simels said...

Words fail me. Thanks Sal.

Anonymous said...

I will second Chance's advice. I'll add that as soon as the download starts, you can close the Zippy page; it'll keep downloading and you can skip looking at their noisy page.
C in California

Anonymous said...

I love that blog, but he doesn't allow anonymous comments, so I've never let HIM know! - Stinky

Michael Giltz said...

Hahaha! I just finished going through them on YouTube and then posting a comment she should make this an official album already and THEN sending an email to you about it but wisely deciding to make certain you hadn't already written about it before doing so. It's a solid Dylan songbook/tribute album. And thanks to Paul for turning it into an album.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the non-zippy download, Sal and for the tip to Paul's very good site. Zippyshare is blocked here in Denmark.

I strongly recommend using an ad blocker extension. Faster browsing and most ads are excluded. I use adguard and have almost no annoying pop-ups. Its available as an extension to both Firefox and Chrome browsers. It's available from the Apple store for use with Safari on iphones, too.

Paul in DK


I thanked Sal and realize I should report in / tip my hat to our Burning Wood tech support team.

Took a few tries and many deep breaths but I managed to do that zippyshare thang.

Thanks to all.

Now I need to find the time to listen to all that new music! :-)

A Walk In The Woods said...

Hi Paul of the Albums That Should Exist blog - thank you for this mix!

I have the same problem with Zippyshare as reported above.

Right-clicking on the link did help - thanks for that tip! But I got a message saying my virus software blocked an attack.

I can only imagine how hard it is to not only have an awesome blog (as both Sal and you do) but to hear from people like me saying something's not working very well for them. :) Nobody needs that in this pandemic era!

Please know I'm an appreciative guy and am thankful for it all - you guys rock! Just passing on my experience.

Do you have a suggestion for a great ad blocker that works with Mozilla Firefox?

Either way - thanks again!

kodak ghost said...

and that would be the James Walbourne of your favorite band The Rails!

Sal Nunziato said...

@Kodak Ghost,
Yes! He and Chrissie Hynde co-wrote the entire new Pretenders record.

hpunch said...

I'd like to hear the covers with Kami