Friday, September 11, 2020

"V": The Weekend Mix

(Link wasn't working earlier, but it has been fixed.)

Vacation- John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
V-2 Schneider- David Bowie
Very Nice Of You To Call- Aardvark
Vanity Fair- World Party
Valerie- Marshall Crenshaw
Village- Paul Weller
Vicki Waiting- Prince
Vanishing Heart- Rustin Man
Vanity Fair- Squeeze
Voodoo Spell- Penny Arkade
Various Methods Of Escape- Nine Inch Nails
Ventilator Blues- Rolling Stones
Village Idiot- Van Morrison
Valerie '68- Amy Winehouse
Veronica (Demo)- Elvis Costello
Via Chicago- Wilco
Voices- Cheap Trick
Verb "To Love"- Todd Rundgren
Valentine's Day- Bruce Springsteen
Vaya Con Dios- Chuck Berry



jeff said...

I'm getting nostalgic already for your alpha fridays. I love discovering new tunes that way and playing my own private game with them. While it's not the spirit behind it, I also go through my collection of that letter to see what I like and would have included somehow, for for instance today was "Visions of Johanna," Valley Winter Song (or Valley of Malls, Oy, FOW is still almost impossible for me to listen to), Victoria, Venus, the Vegetable song and the one that always makes me laugh unabashedly in part because Tom Lehrer will outlive us all, The Vatican Rag.

Beyes said...

I'm getting nostalgic for when you were not plagued by file issues. I'm getting a "404 Not Found" message from the link. :(

Sal Nunziato said...

Ha. It was my error. It's been corrected. I just tried it, so please try again.

Beyes said...

No worries - and thank you!

dogbreath said...

Thanks for the mix -- Winston would've approved! Just in time for the weekend -- have a good one. Cheers!