Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RSD Exclusives

Of the many records getting an exclusive Record Store Day release, there were two that I had a special interest in: the Foo Fighters covers LP "Medium Rare" and the John Doe/Jill Sobule collaboration "A Day At The Pass," which features duet takes on each other's material, as well as a few covers. I finally got my hands on both for a few dollars more than I would have liked to spend.

I like'em both, but each has one really strong take that stands out for me.  The Foos deliver a cover of The Zombies' "This Will Be Our Year" that quite frankly, surprised the hell out of me. John and Jill's cover of The Association's "Never My Love," is a little more of what you'd expect, but still, no less wonderful.

Give a listen, then sell your souls for some copies on eBay.




Shriner said...

"Never My Love" -- one of the most beautiful songs in the world. Anyone who has a heart can't *not* be moved by this song. I don't think I've ever heard a bad version of this.

(Well, except for that Blue Suede version...)

Sal Nunziato said...

Ken Stringfellow of The Posies also does a stunning version.

Ken D said...

"Never My Love" was on the first album I ever bought, The Association's "Insight Out."
$1.99 at Caldor's, if memory serves.

cmealha said...

Surprising is un understatement. If you would have told me the Foo Fighters were going to cover 'This Will Be Our Year' I would have imagined a completely different take. Who knew they could tone it down to produce such a lovely version.



Two great songs -- thanks. I really dig the John Doe, Jill Sobule. John's cover of Dylan's "Pressing On" from the I'm not there soundtrack is one of my most played in iTunes and Jill's "Where Is Bobby Gentry" was a song of the summer a few years back. Never My Love is pretty wonderful too!

I have a technical challenge that maybe fellow Burningwooders can help me with.

In the past when you posted a DivShare button I could either hit play or I would click on the button and be sent to the DivShare page where either I would have to wait 15 seconds before I could download or I could login and download without the wait.

This morning I click the button but just get the chance to login. And when I do login I get my stuff but no chance to download.

Am I doing something wrong? Has DivShare changed their setup? ...?

If anyone has any advice that would be great.

Anonymous said...

Jill Sobule is always welcome in my house. Thanks for the mention of the CD, doubt I would have heard of it otherwise.

steve simels said...

I saw Sobule do "Never My Love" solo last year, when she opened for Fountains of Wayne.

I had never seen her before, and she was a knockout.

J. Loslo said...


Click on the word "share." Then click on "link to mp3." That'll take you back to where the Divshare button used to take you.


J. Loslo -- thanks!

I don't know if they changed the button or if I was just lucky all those other times but I've got it now!

DeepKarma said...

Both cuts kick serious ass, but "Never My Love" is awe-inspiring!

DavidO said...

i was lucky enough to snag a copy of "Day at the Pass" on RSD - nice interview with Jill about the project at

Leon said...

Two comments - or 3 - first, the Foo Fighters just kill on that song, one of my fave paisley pop tunes of yesteryear. Do I like it even better than the original? Maybe so, because the original was feyness embodied; what makes this cool is the Foos are not fey but dip down to reach this petal off the ground. Nice.

And after this cut I am now going to look into Jill Sobule. Just based on her intro alone. I love a chick who would intro a song like that, and then play such a soft thing. Usually you only get that type of bravado prior to a crash of power chords.

Third... Jay's reference to that "Bobby Gentry" song was a great one. I'd never heard of it but just found a version by one Tom Gillem that I got - awesome! Doesn't appear that Jill's version of it is on Amazon unfortunately....

p,s. a buddy of mine once asked me to go see Jill in concert, saying "She's like candy." Now I see what I meant. I shoulda gone. I will next time.

Sal Nunziato said...

I've loved Jill Sobule from day one, as her debut was produced by Todd Rundgren. Good record, but she has made better since. Check out "When My Ship Comes In." Very hot!

elizabethm said...

cmealha is right - surprising is an understatement. I don't remember the Zombies' original, but this is beautiful. Now curiosity will propel to try to find the original. Not at all what I'd expect from the Foos. Thanks, Sal.

James A. Gardner said...

The Foo Fighters covers album is really cool. Some surprising song selections (like the Zombies track you posted, Sal) and overall enjoyable performances. And my local store supposedly still has a copy for sale! We'll see about that.

That John Doe/Jill Sobile album sounds terrific, from the sample you provided here. I may be eBay bound on that one.

I quit following the last Beach Boys 78 set I was watching on eBay once it hit $70 . . . nuts.

A guy called Tak said...

It's a shame artists like Jill Sobule and Sam Philips are almost unknown to general public.
Of course Sal likes Jill since Todd produced her first album which is brilliant.
Thanks for this great cover by her.(I'm talking about "Never My Love")