Friday, November 22, 2019

"Parquet Courted & Ultravox'd!": THE WEEKEND MIX (A Blast From The Past)

This was originally published in 2013.

I was in a mood. What can I say? The Parquet Courts record was a great transition from what was already started with my Ultravox (first three albums only) marathon and this mix seems like an ideal finish. It also includes the world premiere of Paganfest, one of two short-lived hardcore bands I played in during the 80s. This track is one of only three committed to tape, a tape only recently unearthed from a box under stuff in a closet.

Have fun with this one. I did.


A Gain- A Loss- The Plugz
Almost The Same- Clearlake
Everybody's Happy Nowadays- The Buzzcocks
What We All Want- Gang Of Four
One Track Mind- The Heartbreakers
The Day The World Turned Day-Glo- X-Ray Spex
Working Girl- The Members
Eat Your Heart Out- Lords Of The New Church
Uncontrollable Urge- Devo
Join The Professionals- The Professionals
Frozen Ones- Ultravox
Ain't That Nothin'- Television
Leaving It Up To You- John Cale
Editions Of You- Roxy Music
Gutterpunk- Paganfest



buzzbabyjesus said...

I'm in. Looks like fun. I still have my original Ultravox vinyl.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the share Sal

Nice track by bJohn Cale



Dr Wu said...

Looking forward to sharing this mix with the neighborhood. Volume! Thanks, as always, for sharing. Cheers.

dogbreath said...

A tad late grabbing this mix - for which thanks. Not really my bag, although the Ultravox-Television- Cale-Roxy Music quartet swings it for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with about a third of the mix. Looking forward to hearing the rest.

Thanks and have a great weekend!