Monday, July 21, 2014

In November of 2008, Burning Wood was barely two months old and like most babies, had trouble walking, talking and keeping steady. It was after a series of supportive conversations with an old friend, that Burning Wood suddenly, for better or worse, took its first real steps.
Over the next few years, readership grew and support from all of you was at times, overwhelming. During this growth, that same old friend continued to inspire me, even through those occasional spells of early retirement. So thank you, all of you. And old friend, thank you. I owe you.

I apologize for Friday's ominous photo of a cowboy riding into the sunset. My other choices for a final post were the last scene from "Dr. Strangelove," with "We'll Meet Again" playing as Slim Pickens rides the bomb, a video of Emmett Kelly sweeping the spotlight away or simply nothing. As you might have gleaned by now, I am not a "simply nothing" kind of guy.

If my old friend is reading, I'm ready to be inspired again. I'm sorry if I let you down.

As for all of you, thank you for your indulgence and your time and attention.

I respectfully ask that we not talk about this any further. I'm not closing up shop for one last round of "Please don't gos," though I do appreciate all the kind words sent to me over the last few days. I just need to stop. I'm out.

Please enjoy the last 5 1/2 years of Burning Wood.