Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Other 100: Midway Recap

This has been a blast for me, and from the looks of things, the enthusiastic comments and personal suggestions, both here and on Facebook, you all seem to be having some fun, as well.

But there seems to be a bit of confusion, now and again.

This list, MY list of "The Other 100," are my choices of records that A) I find just as important as the "usual" Top 100 found in your year-end magazine lists. This list does not represent albums that would be on readers first 100, though many might, and it does not represent records I would keep off the "usual" 100. This is strictly and ONLY, records I do not believe I have ever seen on your usual Top 100.

That said, "The Who Sell Out" is one of my three favorite records of all time. It is on THIS list because it will never be on Rolling Stones Top 100. Led Zeppelin's "Presence" is NOT my favorite LZ record, but my faves just might be on RS Top 100.

Get it?

Someone asked me on Facebook, "How come no Dylan on your list?" Because there are 10 Dylan records on every list! The mission statement is about what I would choose instead of the usual. Of course, there are Dylan records on my first 100.

Carry on list lovers!


Michael Giltz said...

Got it.


Michael Jackson -- Thriller
Fleetwood Mac -- Fleetwood Mac
Bob Dylan -- Blood On The..

wait, what? I think I grabbed the wrong list again.

Shriner said...

Right! Looking back, of the 60 I've posted so far, *maybe* This Year's Model might be a semi-common top 100 (and on a remote chance the Use Your Illusion discs). I'd like to think none of my next 40 won't be on any top 100 list either (with maybe 1-2 exceptions.)

It's harder than you think to do this!

I mean I'm *sure* a bunch of stuff I'd put on my personal top 100 would probably not be on anybody else's top 100 either, but I'm trying hard to avoid those albums.

Michael Giltz said...

I think your personal top 100 is def worth sharing, the more offbeat the better.

And yeah, I keep thinking "this album is too obvious for Sal's crowd" and going for something else hoping it's not too odd either.

dogbreath said...

I knew I had to have some of these albums for a reason! Good to sample some tracks after way too long so thanks for that shove in the right direction. Just back from a trip to Belfast so wondering if the Belfast Cowboy is going to make an appearance, says he while listening to "Wavelength" for the gozillionth time.

Shriner said...

Maybe when this second 100 is all over, I'll compile a personal 100. It would be full of Alice Cooper, Kiss, Monkees and Rhino's 25-CD "Have A Nice Day" compilation series, probably... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I took it to mean no "Forever Changes, "Nevermind" or "Blue". Still, it boggles my mind that Townsend sells short "Sell Out." I paid only slight attention to the Who until "I Can See for Miles." That changed that.

daudder said...

your "clarifying" are among my favortite things...:) Great list!

kodak ghost said...

This has been a fascinating journey so far. Great stuff. Many thanks