Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bob Dylan. He's Okay.

You're a Big Girl Now - Blood on the Tracks - NY Sessions (Original) from Larry Dallas on Vimeo.

"Dylan's alright. He's got a couple good songs."

-Someone On The Internet That Shouldn't Be

I went to bed with this one on my mind and woke up with it, too. Daryl Hall pulled this one out on an episode of Daryl's House, that also featured covers of "Neither One Of Us" and "Our Day Will Come." I was blown away by his take on all three, but the Dylan cover made my jaw drop, though I haven't seen it since it first aired and I might have just been shocked he did it at all.

I'll post the "other" good Dylan song at a later date.

Our conversation was short and sweet
It nearly swept me off-a my feet
And I’m back in the rain, oh, oh
And you are on dry land
You made it there somehow
You’re a big girl now

Bird on the horizon, sittin’ on a fence
He’s singin’ his song for me at his own expense
And I’m just like that bird, oh, oh
Singin’ just for you
I hope that you can hear
Hear me singin’ through these tears

Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast
Oh, but what a shame if all we’ve shared can’t last
I can change, I swear, oh, oh
See what you can do
I can make it through
You can make it too

Love is so simple, to quote a phrase
You’ve known it all the time, I’m learnin’ it these days
Oh, I know where I can find you, oh, oh
In somebody’s room
It’s a price I have to pay
You’re a big girl all the way

A change in the weather is known to be extreme
But what’s the sense of changing horses in midstream?
I’m going out of my mind, oh, oh
With a pain that stops and starts
Like a corkscrew to my heart
Ever since we’ve been apart


Nick said...

Very curious about the "other good one."

buzzbabyjesus said...

The first time Bob recorded "Blood On The Tracks" he was using alternative tunings.
The other musicians had trouble because they couldn't watch his hands to see where he was.


I'm spending the morning listening to my favourite Nobel laureate -- Nice!

rick said...

This song is such a gem. On an album that is flawless.

kodak ghost said...

A great song. I'll get onto Daryl Hall site and look for it.... and clues?

also curious re "the other good one"!

rick said...


mainuh said...

1976. I'm sitting in the 2nd floor bedroom of an empty house on a corner lot in a small Ohis town. I have few possessions left that I care about except my stereo.My wife has left me with...Blood On The Tracks. Bob was my doppelganger,singing the longing,anger,regret,hope that I also knew.
My ex...? My guess is Joni and Blue were her river to sail away on.

We caught up years later,older,wiser spending a week together in an old mansion overlooking a Maine Harbor. As Ray Davies wrote...Life goes on.