Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Quick Takes 2

The Buckingham McVie record reminds me of, but doesn't kill me like Fleetwood Mac's "Mirage."

I was loving the BNQT record but it fizzled out to nothing by track 6. I think all members need a B-12 shot.

Last night, NRBQ played their hearts out once again. They never cease to amaze and astound. Covers of both the Beach Boys "Don't Worry Baby" and B.J. Thomas' "Everybody's Out Of Town" brought tears to my eyes.

King Crimson's cover of Bowie-Eno-Fripp's "Heroes" is a complete waste of 4 minutes. What was the point?

The new Cheap Trick record "We're All Right" is killing me. First half rocks as hard as, and even harder than anything they've done in the past. Second half is full of their brand of pop confection. Solid, from top to bottom.

Reading "Cowboy Song: the Authorised Biography of Phil Lynott" by Graeme Thomson and enjoying it, which sent me to Thin Lizzy's debut, which I hadn't heard in years, or honestly even remembered. What a fantastic record. Truly unique, and unlike anything the band is now known for. (See video above)

Is it me, or has every Matthew Sweet record since the excellent "Blue Sky On Mars" from 1997 sounded exactly the same?

People should really stop dissing Kiss. At the very least, leave the first six records alone, and say what you want about anything from 1979 on.


buzzbabyjesus said...

The only Matthew Sweet record I really liked was "Girlfriend".

Shriner said...

I agree with you about Matthew Sweet. I would classify them as "solid, but otherwise interchangeable".

And, for me, KISS goes all the way through "Music from the Elder" -- including Dynasty and Unmasked. And throw in "Revenge" while you are at it. The non-makeup 80's, though (including "Creatures") pretty much bores me.

Sal Nunziato said...

I love "Dynasty" and "Unmasked," as well. Just thought I'd give the haters the benefit of the doubt.

buzzbabyjesus said...

That Thin Lizzy song is Fab.

hpunch said...

I really dog the BNQT album, I even forgive them giving into the asinine anti-vowel movement, or should I say mvmnt.
The Fran Healy songs really stick out for me.
The Cheap Trick album certainly rocks, but I don't think the songs aren't as exciting as the playing.
I have to agree with you about the Matthew Sweet and the Buckingham McVie. Not a good sign when the lead track is an old Itunes only bonus track from a Lindsey Buckingham solo album.

Anonymous said...

Thin Lizzy IS the shizzizzle. No question.

I'm always amazed when people refer to Phil Lynott as "a poet." A drunken Irish poet? Who's ever heard of such a thing?!

Cheap Trick is also the real deal, and nice guys to boot. When I met Rick Nielsen, he was a lot of fun.

Like Cheap Trick, KISS created something new and different from their collective influences, like The Beatles did. It's my belief that that's why both bands have lasted. What are a few fallow years in a 40+ year career? Certainly even the best worker among us have "coasted at work" during times of family strife or personal issues. And we don't have people KISSing our asses every minute of every day to make us believe our second-best is more than enough.

I'd include "Lick It Up" among KISS' best (post-make-up) and which out Spinal Tapped Spinal Tap! "Lick It Up" is the song "Smell The Glove" WISHES it was!

As always, you have a great blog, Sal!

Thanks! - Stinky

jeff said...

The buckingham-mcvie is mcvieing for constant rotation these days with sgt. pepper. someone of the buckingham songs are such effective earworms I'll never dig them out of my head.

Bill said...

Played the new Matthew Sweet for the second time today. It grew on me a little. Definitely sounds like other albums, but he knows his way around a chorus, which I enjoy.

Gene Oberto said...

Am I the only one who thinks Robin Zander could have replaced John Lennon's vocals in a reformed Beatles? Speaking of Cheap Trick, Bun E. who? Even Tom gets the spotlight on We're All Right.

Troy said...

I'm enjoying the Buckinham-McVie album a lot. I agree that several of the songs would fit in perfectly on Mirage. Sonically it reminds me more of Tango in the Night. But some terrific songs and, as Jeff said, earworms that may never leave our heads.

Time to go pull out Mirage...

buzzbabyjesus said...

I thought that about Robin Zander as soon as I heard their first album in 1978.
Especially on "Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace", and "Cry, Cry".