Saturday, July 1, 2017

Songs Of The Week, 2017: 6/17-6/30

Harry Hippie- Bobby Womack
Scorpio Red- The Holy Mackerel
Joy In Repetition- Prince
Head On- The Pixies
I Don't Remember Your Name- The Records
A.1 On The Jukebox- Dave Edmunds
New Mama- Neil Young
You Avoid Parties- The Posies
Vanity Fair- Squeeze
Jesus Is Going To Make Up My Dying Bed- Pops Staples
Everybody's Out Of Town- B.J. Thomas
Loveless- Paul Carrack
See You Tonite- Gene Simmons
The Scum Lives On- Demolition 23


1 comment:

dogbreath said...

I'm liking the width and diversity of the selection - and the length as it's a double SOTW. Thanks for zipping it all up. Cheers!