Thursday, September 21, 2017

Retail Memories

I listened to Public Enemy's "It Takes A Nation Of Millions..." after yesterday's sad song marathon and it immediately brought me back to working at Smash CDs on St. Mark's Place. We all loved that CD and played it constantly. We worked brutally long hours, coming in by 9AM and staying until 10PM during the week, midnight on weekends. So by 9PM on a Friday, all patience was gone. Any browsers or lingerers, simply would not be tolerated. Come 11PM, even if you had 50 CDs in your hand, ready to drop $500, you better have done it quickly. If we saw two or three customers, just yakking away, not even looking at any product, just oblivious to where they had walked into, we would put on "She Watch Channel Zero" at an ear-splitting, throat-punching volume and the store would clear out in seconds. This was our, "GET OUT WE ARE CLOSING!" song. Good times!

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