Saturday, September 16, 2017

Songs Of The Week, 2017: 9/2- 9/15

Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts)- BR-549
Early 1970- Ringo Starr
High & Dry- Radiohead
Don't Stop- Geraint Watkins
Come See Me- Sandy Edmonds
This Is Our Life- Rob Laufer
All 4 The Betta- C.C. Adcock
Eiderdown Clown- The Scots Of St. James
Throw Your Arms Around Me- Neil Finn & Eddie Vedder
Down River- Spooky Tooth
The Inner Light- Junior Parker
Heart Of Steel- Galactic w/ Irma Thomas
Basement Kiss- Elvis Costello
Women's Intuition- Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson



cmealha said...

Simply love Geraint Watkins' "Don't Stop". Had never heard it.

dogbreath said...

A nice amalgam of moods & a great sign off with the Hunter / Ronson thing. Many thanks as per.