Tuesday, October 24, 2017

George Young: 1940-2017

It's easy to dismiss The Easybeats as one hit wonders here in the US of A. Most who know "Friday On My Mind" don't even know who recorded it. But The Easybeats catalogue is deep and more importantly, it is essential. The mastermind behind this incredible band, George Young, has died. Young, if you didn't know, was also the brother of Angus and Malcolm of AC/DC, and served as their occasional co-writer and producer. Yet one more rock and roll legend, gone too soon.

Our friend, Steve, over at PowerPop says, "And if there's a better rock and roll record than 'Gonna Have A Good Time,' I for one have never heard it." I tend to agree. But, "St. Louis" from 1969, is pretty damn good, too, and it really shows the first signs of what became AC/DC.

George, we hardly knew ye. R.I.P.


dogbreath said...

Good on ya for the post. George Young (and Harry Vanda) were highly influential Down Under (and probably beyond) & not to be overlooked: writing for, working with & producing many of my favourite Aussie bands. The Easybeats' tunes are classic stuff so thanks for reminding us of them. Cheers George!

Bill said...

In the Vanda/Young orbit, have to give a mention to Flash and the Pan's Hey St Peter. Great band name, and one of my favorite songs of the New Wave.

buzzbabyjesus said...

"Sorry" is the one that does it for me.


neal t said...

The Skeletons always did a dynamite version of "St Louis". Will have to binge on Easybeats now. Listening is now powered not by what's in the charts but by the obits.

Chris Collins said...

I love this band. I didn't know that he died. How very sad.