Thursday, November 2, 2017

"Favorite/Shit": DAY FOUR

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Maybe you walked in around "1999" in 1983, or maybe, like most, you discovered Prince with "Purple Rain," one year later in 1984. Yes, I know. "Purple Rain, Purple Rain. Purple Rain, Purple Rain. Purple Rain, Purple Rain." You only want to see Prince playing in the purple rain.

But five years before "Purple Rain," Prince released his second record. It was called "Prince" and it was just Prince, playing and singing everything. It had two Top 40 singles, one of which is not only one of my 5 favorite Prince songs, but also contains what I think is his best guitar solo. Prince tends to either shred or play short, piercing runs on the guitar. Either works just fine. But, it is rare when Prince takes a fully formed solo, one that dances and flows long enough for you to get inside of it. That's why I love the solo on "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad," a song that went all the way to #13 on the R&B charts, and a song that most don't give a shit about. The bass playing and the drumming are pretty damn good, too.

The video for this song is a major distraction. The band looks as if they had never heard the song in their lives and Prince's histrionics all but ruin what he is actually playing. You can listen without visuals below.




I love these rants / education posts / memory trips / ... I have not been commenting not for lack of interest but rather that I couldn't imagine what I could add.

Keep em coming!

FD13NYC said...

Great song! Always loved it.

Noam Sane said...

Solo is double tracked & awesome. Wish it went on for another ten minutes. I remember this song but haven't heard it in ages. That said, I'm glad he ditched the one-man-band thing as it does lead to a certain canned flavor.

But totally with you on this one - Kinks and Yes too! The Yes I know and love; Kinks was new to me tho Been a great week here, sorry I ragged on the Stones dude. I guess I was playing devil's advocate, ha ha. Or hoo-hoo. Whatever.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Reminds me of Shuggie Otis Inspiration Information.

Chris Collins said...

You know i'm a major Prince fan. But I'll admit, I didn't really give a shit about this song. But I will now listen anew