Friday, July 13, 2018

Weekend Mix/Rock & Roll Stew

Sometimes the less said the better.



And remember,

"Everybody Ought to Treat A Stranger Right" in spite of what you might have heard elsewhere.

Rock & Roll Stew

Rock & Roll Stew, too


heartsofstone said...

Yes indeed, everybody should. Looking forward to this one. Thanks.

Ken D said...

Looks yummy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

is that the Grateful Dead tour stack?

mauijim said...

Thank you. It’s going down well . Hope no heartburn later!


Well done -- a nice start to the weekend!

Thanks BBJ

M_Sharp said...

I know a few of these. The Texas Gentlemen "Jelly" is a fine LP. Thanks!

buzzbabyjesus said...


No, that's a reggae sound system.

A walk in the woods said...

Your mixes are always boss - thanks BBJ, looking forward to it!