Friday, August 24, 2018

I Guess Things Happen That Way: Montage Edition

Today's post happened accidentally just minutes ago.

I was looking for "Men Are Building Sand" by Montage. It was to be the Song Of The Day. A YouTube search left me with only the Left Banke version.

Now, if you've read me regularly, you'd know that I am obsessed with The Left Banke, and that their debut is one of my favorite records of all time, occasionally sitting in my Top 10. Montage was a record released on Laurie in 1969, with songs written and arranged by Michael Brown, the genius behind The Left Banke. The album is similar in many ways to The Left Banke, though I find it a bit more demanding, a little less accessible, but no less wonderful. It is at times both gorgeous and unsettling, and "Men Are Building Sand" is the track, at least this week, that has taken me over.

The Left Banke version of "Men Are Building Sand" was left unreleased until it was added as a bonus track to their CD anthology, "There's Gonna Be A Storm." It's just okay. It's a bit twee, even for them.  Montage's version is really something else, but unavailable as a stand alone video. The entire record was available and is here for your listening pleasure or displeasure.


Anonymous said...

Sal, I'm right there with you in adoration for the Left Banke. Pretty much agree with you on the Montage album.

I don't know what period it's from but there is a 'collection' I downloaded from somewhere called 'Airborne' credited to Michael Brown and Steve Martin containing five songs pretty much piano driven with some orchestration.

My favorite Left Banke song? Without a doubt (wink, wink)... their 1967 Toni Hair Spray commercial. Fabulous!! They also did Hertz Rent-A-Car and Coke ads.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the expanded album. I like the instrumental bonus tracks, seeing as how the original album was only 25 minutes long. those were the days.

I probably favor the second album Left Banke album over the first one because it hops around less stylistically, but "Walk Away Renee" is my favorite song ever.

Christine said...

What are these amazing, sweets sounds coming from my crappy speakers at work? Do I finally have a reason to use the word "mellifluous"?

buzzbabyjesus said...

Wow! Montage is pretty cool! Proto-Progian for sure.
I'm not real familiar with The Left Banke as I've only heard the album once. I admired the craft but didn't pursue further.
At first listen I'm really impressed by Montage.
A cross between the Association and The Pretty Things.
I could get into this.

ken49 said...

The whole Michael Brown related releases whether it be Left Banke, Montage, Stories or the Beckies has more than worthwhile pop songs to explore. He was truly talented. And the line "Just Walk Away Renee" brings a lump to my throat every time. It is a profoundly moving phrase.


I'm diggin' Montage and I'm playing The Left Banke -- From Pretty Ballerina to lazy day!


Have a great weekend.